Adobe Premiere Pro

These are some words for filming!

The secret to editing your work is simple.

Editing is like killing your own story.

There are rules in filmmaking.

Here is what we did!

If there is a green tick do not use that because it is connect to one drive and it wouldn’t work, so try and find the folder document with out the green tick.

Make sure you put that footage in your folder.

When you u record the person that says action you need to leave a gap so u can edit it and make sure there voice is not cut of.

If you right click on to audio gain and click sound and you can change your sound.

You can get background music and make sure its not to loud because you might not be able.

To get background music make your you put on A2 so you can sound in your video.

If you right click go down and click on unlink you can unlike your video and add another.

You can get cross fade music and it can cut out when you change it.


By Maddie

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