Zoom camera

This is the steps I have done with to show how careful you need to be with your camera and what u do with it.

If you are wondering what its called zoom camera its theĀ nameĀ of the brand.

First when u get your zoom camera.

The steps for you need to be with the camera are very important.

These are the steps you need to remember.

Have you wrist strap on.

Tuck in your arms in when taking a video.

Keep lens cap on camera when you are not using it.

There are 2 mics in the camera so it can speak up sound.

Don’t close the back of it toĀ because it needs to charges.

When the red light pops up on your camera it means it turn on.

If you want to zoom in you need to press the screen to get a close video of them.

If you want to record a video you need to press the top red button.

I have learnt over all with this active this camera has a mic and so you can pick all the sound in the background and if someone is breathing it can really not sound nice if your video.






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