Passion Project: Checkponit 3

 My project was when I was making chocolates and making a label for them which I have never done before. I started my passion project by making my chocolates. At the start I had nothing to make them so we went to spotlight to grab chocolate moulds, a brush, some fondant and flavouring food colour, we chose: caramel, peppermint and strawberry. We grab a brush because when you put the chocolate in the moulds you need to get the chocolate in all the small places in the mould so there is no holes and used fondant as the inside of the chocolates. We use milk chocolate from the supermarket and made my chocolates with that. I made a couple of batches to see how they would turn out and what I could do to improve it. I made my first batch of chocolates and they turn out well but the bottom of them a bit ragged but we fixed that problem with second batch of chocolates and I tried a different flavour for my second batch of chocolates. I made two batch of chocolate and they turn out really well in the end. I started to design a label and ended up making 5 different label and I was happen with one of the labels, at first I was given the name choc & treats and I thought I would go with it and started to design the label. Few days later when to grab the boxes and the label stickers we went to office works. As we arrived we found label stickers and we look for awhile and couldn’t find any boxes and in the end, we found a big brown boxes some decretive paper and a few other things. I came home and start making the box and then I realised  that my label wouldn’t work of the stickers so we decided to make a hand made label and we change the name to sweet treats and I went with it. In the end a lot of things change and some things I was thinking at the start. During this project the I found challenging was the making of the chocolate and trying to make warm so we boiled some water to make the chocolate all silky, creamy and smooth so it doesn’t dry up. Designing a label was pretty hard and thinking of names but I got some help with the name and I keep trying different design to see which on is the best to me. When we couldn’t find the boxes and had to make a hand-made one that was really difficult because when making the boxes you have to do measurement with the paper so it’s even and we kept doing it until we finished it. Gluing the paper on the box was really annoying but in the end it stuck to the box and we finished the box in the end. I know I could go further with this project in many way by finding a way to make the label, maybe getting those boxes, turning it into a business, making more chocolate and much more I could do to extend with my project but for what I have done I am very proud of myself and I can’t wait to do another passion project.




Passion Project Checkpoint 2

What have you achieved so far? My passion project has turned out good so far I have made one batch of chocolates and put fillings in them and I used melted fondant to make the fills and I used peppermint and strawberry flavours. When it came to tasting it tasted good and I was happy with the first batch of chocolates. When I was making the chocolates, I was told to used a cooking brush so I could get the chocolate in places that pouring it in won’t get. Frist I melted the chocolate in the microwave to melt the chocolate and then we boiled some water  and put it in a bowl and place the bowl of melted chocolate on top this would stop the chocolate from melting and the once we filled a tray of chocolate mould, I put them in the fridge, they were set in 5 mins and then I add the pepper mint and strawberry. Once I filled every mould with a filling I poured chocolate on to and placed it in the fridge. It took about 10 mins for it all to set and them I took out the chocolates from the mould onto a plate when I took them out the bottom of the chocolates weren’t flat, and chocolate was sticking out from the sides of the bottom but we snapped the chocolate off and it look like it never happen and I am really happy with my first attempt and all I need to work on is making the label and boxes. So I have made my first batch of chocolates and I know what I need to improve on and how I can make my other chocolates better. My next focus is to make the label and boxes for the chocolates and I am excited to see what happens in the end and how it turns out.

Passion Project

For my passion Project I intend to make some chocolate by scratch my melting chocolates and putting them in to moulds and adding some fillings. I first wanted to make a design but I thought why don’t I make a label for some, My mum did a chocolate business and she made some money when she did it. She gave that idea to me and then I about it thought, because I enjoy cooking and come up with someone of my own creation and I have always wants to try different things and one was knowing  how to make chocolate, so I chose to make chocolates. But then Maddie mention candles. I wanted to it but she doing for another passion project I think, so I can’t do that. To show my passion project I am think of making a little moving of me making my project and the process it took to get to the finishing product. I am going to use my iPhone to record myself doing it and that is how I am going to show my project. I can’t wait to figure out how I am going to make the chocolate and doing the process hopefully is going to be soo fun, I am wondering how I am going to make the fillings and how I am going to construct my chocolate. I know I am going make my chocolate in moulds and I am going to melt my chocolates put them into the moulds but I don’t know how I am going  to do that. I am targeting my project to people who will love to make chocolates one day and people who love design label or designing different things. I am looking forward to see the end product and how it is going to turn out in the end I can’t to taste the and show what I have a complied  to others and for them to see how I did it and what I have achieved doing this project 

Birke Baehr’s TED Talk

Birke Baehr is an 11 year old boy, who want to make difference in the world. His goal is to stop what happen really in our everyday food and stop the way the food system is. One problem he noticed was the way kids thought of food and them not realising how bad it is. Most kids what to get and try the food due to the way they advertise it. Many kids want to get the food because of the way they advertise it, by adding colour and cartoons which can catch many kids eyes. This why they advertise most things for kids, because most kids would want to try it out themselves and obviously the kids would need the parents money to get it, so that why most advertisement is directored to kids. Birke Baehr really hooked in the audience with his facts and the way he used his humour. The different facts he had and all had really big impacts with the world food system and many would of shock most of the audience. One of the facts he mention really caught the way I thought about food. He told us some foods are made using different DNAs and making food and that really me. One other thing that he said made me really think, did I ever do this? and what he said was about the advertising because when I was little I used to want every thing maybe because of how colourful everything was really caught my eye and made me want to get. Birke really shared a interesting TED talk and made me think more about our food.


Richard Turere’s TED Talk

Richard Turere’s story he talk about his invention, and the journey he took to get there, from just trying to save his dad’s cow to making invention for people all around Kenya. Richard talk about how the problem occurred when the lions start to attack there live stock, and all around the communities too. Them as a community thought to kill the lions but Richard thought there was another way to do it and violone was not the answer. He first thought fire will keep the lion away, but in the end it help them. One night he took a torch and walk around the cow shed, that day I figured out that lion were afraid of moving light. Richard came up with a plan to keep the lions away and to keep the cows and lion alive. He grab a car battery, lights, solar panels, wire and etc. Then come up with an invention to keep the lion away from the cow and animals around there community. Once he finished it worked and everyone in his community heard about it and ask him if he could make one at there place to stop the lion from eat there stock. Eventually it start to be heard all over Kenya and become and invention everyone wants to be using this in there farms to keep the animals alive.

Richard was really good at sending his massage across to the audience. He really kept engaging his audience by adding humour and made the audience laugh and enjoy themselves. He was really hooking me in the entire time, and telling people about how he got to where he is now and how he came up with his invention, and now he is making more. He really connected with audience and was great at presenting his idea and passion to others. Richard alwayed had eye contact to the audience and what was someone a good presenter. Like Tomas Suarez, he kept looking down at his sprict and not always making eye contect to his audience.Richard was made his presentation a lot better by adding photos show of his journey along the way. It made a better connection with the audience and made more of an understanding to them of what he was saying, it gave them a visual image and they could really see what he was doing and what was happening. I think Richard was show very powerful and that match his words perfectly. I gave me a really good picture of what was happening and what he did to help the community.  



Think online

The THINK acronym is something that teaches children age-wide, how to act on social media and many other networks. The think poster helps you think before you send, it tells you many  words that help you think before sending something world-wide. It helps stop many situation around the world and stops many problems.

True: I think it is important to send something true then sending something that is a lie, it could lead to a problem. Telling a lie could lead to something you didn’t think would happen and could lead you in a place that can make to you lost and don’t know what to do

Helpful: before sending anything is it helpful. I believe helpful means if you are struggling to do at project or something, some people go on to the internet or any social space to look for assistance to help you. so if it isn’t helpful it might not be useful.

Inspiring: Is it inspiring, well send it. Inspiring others is great. I think inspiring means to make  people want to do things or challenge themselves to do something different. and to not put them down or make them feel bad. if you are having a bad day someone might inspire you to try something. 

Necessary: Do you really need to send it. Is it necessary. Dose this need to me shared with the world or your friend. Do you really think its a great idea. Well I think necessary means is it something you want to share and is important to share with the world or dose anyone really want to see it. Is it going to inspire someone or is it not try and avoided sending something that no one really wants to see and maybe something that you don’t really need to send. 

Thomas Suarez TED Talk

Thomas’ Suarez TED Talk he talks about his main message that relates more to that generantion of children that were more intrested in technology then any generantion before. Apple released the iPhone, iPad and ect. But many children were amazed in the apps and games that could be created on the Apple products. Thomas talks about the apps he made and how he did it, most importantly he talked about how you can take your creativity and put it into an app.

Thomas really connects to the audience by using a lot of humour and personal stories. He shows his passion to the audience and makes them more interested in his story. The massage he used was something personal and that means people and can make more of a connection with others and him, and that’s how he can share his story with a audience because he can share the experience with others more easily then someone sharing something that they can’t connect with. He also using a slideshow to show the audience his app he made and to show what his passion is about and also make the audience have more of an understand of what he was sharing, Thomas use his iPad to help him with script in case he forgot what he was going to say. Thomas really was good at delivering his massage to the audience and sharing what his is passionate about.


Royalty-Free Music

Mr Galluccio taught us about Royalty-Free Music and we learnt how you use royalty-free music. We learnt that royalty-free music is great for adding music to you film and SFX is a great place to get sound effects from. We learnt that bensound is the best place to get music from and we were set a task. I talk about the task in video.

Here is my video

*sorry I forget about wonder

If you didn’t watch the video the task was the we had to match royalty-free music to match some movie. Here is the music I chose for the movies



The Greatest Show


Star Wars 



Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is an editing software that you can edit films and I can’t wait to edit my films. I have learnt so much about editing video and how I can add music sound effects and heaps more,. I explain what I learnt in the video below and also talk about how to work adobe premiere pro, I hope like my video.

Here is my video on what I learnt and how to use a premiere pro


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