Royalty-Free Music

Mr Galluccio taught us about Royalty-Free Music and we learnt how you use royalty-free music. We learnt that royalty-free music is great for adding music to you film and SFX is a great place to get sound effects from. We learnt that bensound is the best place to get music from and we were set a task. I talk about the task in video.

Here is my video

*sorry I forget about wonder

If you didn’t watch the video the task was the we had to match royalty-free music to match some movie. Here is the music I chose for the movies



The Greatest Show


Star Wars 



Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is an editing software that you can edit films and I can’t wait to edit my films. I have learnt so much about editing video and how I can add music sound effects and heaps more,. I explain what I learnt in the video below and also talk about how to work adobe premiere pro, I hope like my video.

Here is my video on what I learnt and how to use a premiere pro



On Friday Mr Henderson taught us about the video cameras we use in year 6 and he also taught us the different shot directors using when filming, here is a picture of the different shots directors use

In the lesson Mr Henderson taught us the cameras we use in film school and over the year.

The cameras we use are:

Basic Film Cameras

Zoom Cameras

HFG Cameras

Here is video of the cameras we use:

We also learnt about tripods. Tripods are a camera stand directors use to keep the cameras balanced. Like if you have the camera in your hand it will shake a bit.

Here is my video on what learnt.

Presenting your Piece to Camera

In inquiry, Mr Galluccio taught us Presenting your Piece to Camera. Presenting your Piece to Camera is when you write a script and then you rehearse a few times until your know the script of by heart. Once you have done that you present your piece to the camera. here is a video on what I learnt present my piece to camera.




At the end of the lesson we were given a tongue twister to perform to our camera and before we did the task we have to memorize the tongue twister and then we rehearsed it for a few times. Once you feel confidant to perform for the camera. You record yourself doing the tongue twister and get feed back from Mr Galluccio. We go to Mr Galluccio to see if we need to improve our video and how we can do that.

Here is the video of me doing the tongue twister:


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