Lego Wedo

Dancing birds

The aim of this was to make the birds to dance in clockwise and anti-clockwise using a code we created. The code on our computer travels though a wire to the connection point to a other wire that travel to the motor to course the gears that controls the first bird and that the front there is a pulley that moves more gears to controls the second bird. Me and Michaela built our dancing birds by following instructions on a program Lego wedo, which along we learnt on the how gears work. The  program we start with  only made it go in a 360 degrees, together we figure how to make it spin clockwise and anti-clockwise to make it look like dancing. We started to add music to make a birds dance, we change the program again to make it dance with the music. It took us several attempts to accomplish. But we knew to was not perfect.

Here is our finished code




Lego Car Project

Excited but nervous wait ,wait ,wait I was only excited because I am going to attempt to make my first moving lego car. It wasn’t easy we face challenges and problem. But we did! I know what your think who is this we. Did you think I did this alone of course not I could do with out my partner Michaela. She help though all the problem, challenges and I help her, I could not ask for anyone better. Lego we do is a program were we learn how to program and discover what we need to build a cool lego robot. Our first problem was our car was turning around in circles. We discover need gear to make our car go straight. Turn out we were right I know I can’t believe either, anyway next we thought how can we make it better. Well I thought why don’t we add people (not real people just lego people) we both agreed, it look awesome! Soon we had a test drive… our test drive work! I felt excited inside, but I still know there was anyways something new we can add but we ran out of time. Now it was time for the challenge.



Year 4 Camp Reflection

on the first day at Ferngully lodge Healesville I had an awesome time – we did activities, watch a movie and had annoying sleep. the activities we did were twin zip lines, archery, leap of faith, komodo course and my favourite giant swing I was so scared but I love it in the end and I just want to again and again. after all those exhorting day we had free time I just jump on the trampoline when it was about time to watch the movie I snuggled in my sleeping bag and cuddle my toy I ready to watch the Lorax.

on the second day I woke tired but I was ready to go to Yellingbo conservation reserve and puffing billy. at the Yellingbo we saw and learnt about the Helmeted Honey Eater – did you know there critically endangered and there is only 196 left in the world. now onto the puffing billy. we started at Lakeside and ended at Belgrave. when we were on puffing billy I felt the wind rushed in the cart and the smoke fill the air then we went Dandong rangers park we went to a rainforest that was the when the dinosaurs  where around and next we went on a self walk we went back to camp a had more free time. when it was dawn we a movie called cool runnings.

on the third day we went Healesville sanctuary and saw amazing animals and birds. the first animal we saw at Healesville sanctuary were emus and koalas. we walk a bit a come kangaroo enclosure, there was a kangaroo in my site I pated the kangaroo and the fur was as soft as silk we explored along the track soon the when to the platypus show that was my favourite animal at Healesville sanctuary. after a few minutes we went a bird and the funniest bird there was Kevin he’s corolla. at the end of the my group when to the gift shop I bought koala (it was a toy) after a long 3 days of fun it was time to go home.

thanks Healesville

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