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Week 7 Robotics

Today Mr Mckie gave us two challenges today which included using the colourĀ  sensors and loops. Luckily I had used loops before and it was very easy to finish. We also finished the touch sensor challenge which isĀ  good because we are now up to date with all our challenges.

I think we should just really keep up with our challenges and I know that I’ve said this for like the past one hundred posts but seriously we can’t really chase our own projects and I also am aware that I am denying last week’s comment I made about making more personal projects but it’s the truth, we just have to keep up with everything.

We did better but still Felix was ruining in because he was being a nuisance. Jack and me were pretty disappointed because of Felix’s slow progress in the challenges we were supposed to finish

I can not tell any patterns into programming or anything so this section is currently unavailable because I can’t think of any patterns.

I can use the touch sensors and colour sensors when we do RoboCup or something similar like it because I think sensors are probably used oftenly in competitions.

It was important that we learn this because it allows us to understand the core of how to use sensors. It’s like a book, if the first one hundred pages aren’t there, then you have a problem with understanding the book.

Edge-Following and Obstacle-Sensing LEGO MINDSTORMS Robot - Hackster.io
This is an Ev3 Robot with both sensors on it