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Week 7 Robotics

Today Mr Mckie gave us two challenges today which included using the colour  sensors and loops. Luckily I had used loops before and it was very easy to finish. We also finished the touch sensor challenge which is  good because we are now up to date with all our challenges.

I think we should just really keep up with our challenges and I know that I’ve said this for like the past one hundred posts but seriously we can’t really chase our own projects and I also am aware that I am denying last week’s comment I made about making more personal projects but it’s the truth, we just have to keep up with everything.

We did better but still Felix was ruining in because he was being a nuisance. Jack and me were pretty disappointed because of Felix’s slow progress in the challenges we were supposed to finish

I can not tell any patterns into programming or anything so this section is currently unavailable because I can’t think of any patterns.

I can use the touch sensors and colour sensors when we do RoboCup or something similar like it because I think sensors are probably used oftenly in competitions.

It was important that we learn this because it allows us to understand the core of how to use sensors. It’s like a book, if the first one hundred pages aren’t there, then you have a problem with understanding the book.

Edge-Following and Obstacle-Sensing LEGO MINDSTORMS Robot -
This is an Ev3 Robot with both sensors on it

Touch Sensor for Week 6

Today Mr Colbert gave us two challenges. Both of them used the touch sensor. The first one had to move forward until it touched something and we had to take a video of it. The second one had to move forward ,turn around and hit a wall and then turn back again and move forward again. You also had to take a video of that.

I think that we just have keep up with the challenges and not get left behind.

I think we didn’t do as well as last time and that we have to improve some of our team skills. In my opinion we did…so-so because Felix was still walking around but I’m not here to blame Felix but Jack did better than Felix.

EV3 Sensors – LEGO Engineering

To be honest they’re really aren’t any patterns into this  except for the teachers peppering challenges at us and then we get something wrong and then we just lose courage.

I might be able to use these function again when I want to make a personal program or something similar.

It was important because that enabled us to move and not hit walls or objects. It also let us add to our knowledge to coding.

Week 5 and Week 4 Robotics

This week we did all the challenges and played around with pivot turn and the display block. It was great fun. We also made a lifting function which allowed us to lift objects. During period three and four we were given the challenge to make a display block so our robot could show us photos on the screen. Felix insisted that we should use baby wipes to clean our screen. I won’t deny that it was disgusting. We also played around with sound function and added our own custom music

It was important that we learned how to use the display block and sound block so we could learn all the other functions. It was also important that you don’t use someone’s music because that comes under copyright.

I could use all these functions again when we have to make the combined function program for our robot, or whatever you want to call it.Getting Started Programming The LEGO Mindstorms EV3 Motor Blocks - YouTube

I didn’t really see any patterns so that’s something that I’m not capable of adding to this post.

I think we went better than last week but Felix was sort of prancing around 5A and 5B. Out of 10 it’s probably a 7.5. We did finish all our challenges which was good because we were like five hundred challenges behind.

I should let Felix and Jack do more coding so that we can occupy ourselves rather than just wandering about. I am going to do more building instead.

Reflection for Week 2 and 3

I think we can make a few programs that consists of fowards and backwards. We can also make some programs that can allow our robot to use port view.

We should use port view and try to test it out. Port view is when you manually track the course and then it remembers the course and it drives across the course.

Edge-Following and Obstacle-Sensing LEGO MINDSTORMS Robot -

This is an Ev3 robot with a lifting function.

I think we were progressive and that we did a good job.

You would first make the program and then code it with what you wanted it to be and then you would run it and start the process again.

Maybe in competitions like Robocup.

So we were able to learn how to use port view and code more programs.

I made most of the programs and also did all the downloading.

Reflection of building Circuitmuffin

We named our robot Circuitmuffin. Jack, Felix and I were in a team together. We did all of the tasks except for the Rotations because their was a problem with Circuitmuffin.

I should code some more programs to enable our robot to move. We have done backwards bout not forwards.

I think we did well because we built our robot quickly without complaints by our team and we did all of the challenges (except for the rotations).

We would code the robot first with basic moves and then we would add harder programs on and we would run them and see if there were any flaws.

Probably if I got my own robot or when I’m using Scratch. Or when I’m doing a coding competition or camp.

It was mostly having fun and learning how to code. I think it’s a good way to educate students like us.

I didn’t do too much of the building but I did do a lot of the coding. I think I will really enjoy Robotics this year.