Touch Sensor for Week 6

Today Mr Colbert gave us two challenges. Both of them used the touch sensor. The first one had to move forward until it touched something and we had to take a video of it. The second one had to move forward ,turn around and hit a wall and then turn back again and move forward again. You also had to take a video of that.

I think that we just have keep up with the challenges and not get left behind.

I think we didn’t do as well as last time and that we have to improve some of our team skills. In my opinion we did…so-so because Felix was still walking around but I’m not here to blame Felix but Jack did better than Felix.

EV3 Sensors – LEGO Engineering

To be honest they’re really aren’t any patterns into this  except for the teachers peppering challenges at us and then we get something wrong and then we just lose courage.

I might be able to use these function again when I want to make a personal program or something similar.

It was important because that enabled us to move and not hit walls or objects. It also let us add to our knowledge to coding.

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