Reflection of building Circuitmuffin

We named our robot Circuitmuffin. Jack, Felix and I were in a team together. We did all of the tasks except for the Rotations because their was a problem with Circuitmuffin.

I should code some more programs to enable our robot to move. We have done backwards bout not forwards.

I think we did well because we built our robot quickly without complaints by our team and we did all of the challenges (except for the rotations).

We would code the robot first with basic moves and then we would add harder programs on and we would run them and see if there were any flaws.

Probably if I got my own robot or when I’m using Scratch. Or when I’m doing a coding competition or camp.

It was mostly having fun and learning how to code. I think it’s a good way to educate students like us.

I didn’t do too much of the building but I did do a lot of the coding. I think I will really enjoy Robotics this year.



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