lego robotics week 7

this week we learned how to use the colour  sensor, the colour sensor works by for example going straight until it sees the colour red then do a right or left turn  witch is what our first challenge was

along with getting our robot to coast when it sees the colour and getting it to brake when it sees the colour. the colour sensor will only pick up a few colours (red,green, white and even  no colour )  fun fact if your colour sensor is working you will be able to see the robot wobble  a bit when it sees the colour our 2nd challenge was to get the robot to follow a black line on a white table our program didn’t work the first time but then we realised that we had the wrong colour set but it worked perfectly after we fixed it


robotics week 5

 this week our challenge was to make our robot do a pivit turn our  group started by making  program to make our robot do a pivit turn(a pivit turn is where the robot moves in a circle with only one wheel\motor working) and guess what first time for everything it worked first time  .Our second challenge  was to make our robot say hello world whilst going ford  our only challenge was connecting our ford program to our word program but after we figured out  to drag a program to another  next we worked on getting a picture and sounds on our robot it didn’t work at first but after trying a few  things our robot was able to move ford whilst showing a picture on the screen  our group worked well in sharing the work load and persevering through challenging situations next week we are going to work on our touch sensor


lego robotics day 1

our group( Chloe,Eva,Charlotte) started by building our robot that we called POTATO_BOB

we tried and tried to get him to move but it was no use,  after I tried to get bob to say hello it didn’t work but then after almost to hours POTATO _BOB SAID HELLO SUSSCESS

next week we will update and get him to move







this week was based on programming our robots we started to create a program that would make our robot move ford we tried for hours we tried shutting down ,restarting ,switching laptops but nothing worked and by the end of the day we had to face that our robot would not move

but just as we thought all hope was lost

MR Mackie updated potato bob and now he is moving ford and saying hello

next we will work on further programming out robot