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My Passion Project.
Every term from term 2 will make a passion project. I am very exited and my first idea was to make a shot film on my scooter progression but I thought why [...]
Birk Baehr TED talk
This TED talk was about inspiring or encouraging people to eat organic foods, as it can effect our environment and effect you as well. He added lots of [...]
Richard Turere TED Talk
Today we watched another TED Talk. This time it was Richard Turere and he talked about his story with protecting his livestock in Kenya. He was supposed to [...]
THINK online.
It is important to think before you post or say or even do anything on social media. People can take your posts the wrong way and you may cause harm if you [...]
Thomas Suarez TED Talk
Today we started talking about our TED Talks. We watched a guy talk about his experience with programming apps and games. His name was Thomas Saurez and I [...]
Green screen and lighting
This clinic was about the basics of editing the green screen background and some simple lighting conditions.
Wireless microphones
Wireless microphones can be used very well in a film. The wireless mic is either the hand held or the lapel (which is a wire onto a belt pack and you hook [...]
editing with adobe
This clinic was my favourite and I learnt a lot from it as well. We were introduced to adobe premier pro, which is an advanced editing software that is so [...]
royalty free music.
InΒ this clinic we were taught about some very important stuff to make sure we don’t break the copyright law. It was very important we learnt about [...]
shotgun mics
This clinic introduced us to a shotgun mic which is a mic that can be used for very good audio but sometimes picks up extra audio that you don’t need.
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