The track

This is the track. It has a fallen over tree and ramps to help the car get up. The cars didn’t get here in time so they didn’t get to race. I enjoyed making the tree. The hardest part was gluing on the ramps. I would of timed it better if I did it again I think we spent too long on the code.

The Race Track

This is the race track after Claire and I finished

the road. For the road we used black electric tape.

We ran out half way so the other side of the track

is sparkly.

My Design Book

This is my Design book for the Micro Bit project. We are making a race car track using this robot as the race car.

What I learnt about the micro bit

What I learnt about the Micro Bit.

-I learnt how to code for a Micro Bit.

-I learnt how to use the Micro Bit on scratch.

-I learnt about a lot of different blocks of code that is not on Scratch.

-I learnt how to save the coding of the Micro Bit onto desktop and into a folder.

-I learnt how to make the Micro Bit a thermometer.

-And how to make games.



This is the temp coding, when you shake the

micro bit  it will tell the temperature of the room.

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Smiley Faces

This is the smiley faces coding finished

Rock, Paper, Scissors coding


This is the coding almost finished            This is the coding finished




Vidio of Magic 8

This is the video of the recording of the Magic 8. It tells you to ask a question when it starts then you say something . Its answer will be    ether YES, NO or I DONT KNOW.

Snip of Magic 8 coding


This is my snip of coding from the lesson magic 8


This is the coding finished                                                                            This is the coding almost  finished