Parts, Purposes and Complexities

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Flower Light Parts Purposes and Complexities

There is not that many complexities now, but once I pull apart the inside I think there will be more.

Taking out the battery

Taking out the light

All of the parts

The flower is actually just the container, the light in the bottom left corner is the actual light and the battery sits in the back of it.

The Light

Up Cycling

This is my plan, what is going to happen is the moisture sensor will be stuck in the plant and it will send messages to the micro bit throught he alligator clips. The message will be either these three messages, needs mores water, just right, too much water. When the plant needs more water the light will flick on. So if the plant needs water you can just tell by the light.

My first code/ Explaining the code

Where I will be testing the code

Testing the Code

When I put the Sensor in any one of the pots or even just in the air the LEDS always show full pot, I’m not sure why though.



What did I do?

I made a program for a moisture sensor to sense if a plant is either dry, just right orĀ  too much water. Unfortunately that code hasn’t worked yet, it is very strange because I copied it right off of a video.

What was important about it?

The most important part about the code is the if ,else if and the else block. That block makes the moister sensor has something to choose from, not it just being random.

Where could I use this again?

I could use this code in another code, the only thing I would change is the LED picture, then if I wanted to I could change the sensor and then I would have a whole new project.

Do I see any patterns in what I did?

No there are no patterns in the code. Especially the start of the code because it is quite complicate.

How well did I do?

I would have liked to had it finished. I thought the code would have been easier but it wasn’t I probably should have chosen a different project. But since I did choose to do the moisture sensor I’m very happy with what I have done.

What should I do next?

If we had more time on this project I would have definitely tried more codes that work.

What I was making



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