What is a Sphero?

A Sphero is a programable ball, you can program it with Block code, Java script or you can drive it yourself. They can also swim!


This is our first Tutorial-Block

This is the code

The code is quite simple, all it does is go forward then turn and delay for 1s.

Our Second Tutorial-Block

The code

This code starts on a heading 270 degree, that means it will start moving forward at that degree. Then it will loop/repeat roll forward at the speed of 61 for 1s.

The third Tutorial-Block

The Code

This code is basically the same as the last one the only change is that when the code makes the Shero turn the Shero will make a random animal sound and flash green, then at the next corner it will flash pink and rotate between the two for every corner and also each time it will make a random animal sound.

The Fourth Tutorial-Block

The Code

This code looks hard but is actually simple, all it does is when you catch it it makes a sound so the players know that they have caught it, at a random time/ catch it will make a different sound and after say your out, but also change a different colour.

The First Tutorial- Java Script

The Code

This code rolls around in a square when at a corner it plays a sound and on the final corner it plays a different sound.

The Second Tutorial- Java Script

I didn’t have time to film the Java Script working


What did I do?

I programmed multiple tutorials.

What was important about it?

Mostly the degrees block, because if you don’t have the degree block right the Sphero will turn the wrong way.

Where could I use this again?

I could use a degree block on a Micro bit.

Do I see any patterns in what I did?

No, all of the codes are diffrent. They all use some similar blocks though.

How well did I do?

I think I did well especially with the Java Code.

What should I do next?

If I were to continue doing Sphero I would finish all of the tutorials then make a project using Java script because it is a challenge and I really like doing it.



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