Graveyard Mini golf

Graveyard Mini golf was originally going to be programmed by the Humming bird but there wasn’t enough ( that is why everything in my design book id humming bird related ) Because there wasn’t enough humming birds we decided to try it on the micro bit. It is really hard to get it working so we are now switching to EV3 Lego.

My understanding of the Lego EV3 Brick

What is it?

An Ev3 Lego Brick is a Lego coding source that we are extremely lucky to use. It has two different types of ports to plug in cords to motors and more. At one end is a numbered port [there are 4 ports in each end] The numbers go up to four. Then at the other end is port AB and C. The letter ports are for motors and the numbered ports are for sensors. There are two types of motors medium and large I am using the large motor for the windmill. The EV3 brick also has three more different ports to hook up into your computer they are called port USB,SD and PC. The USB cord is only for downloading, so don’t hook it up to the brick if you want to activate Bluetooth.

My Goal (draft 1)

My Goal is to have a successful mini golf track. That includes a spinning Ferris wheel, multiple spinning gravestones. Also there will be a spider sitting/climbing the Ferris wheel and its legs will be moving around.

My design book (draft 1)








My design Book (draft 2)

My Goal (draft 2)

My goal is to have a successful mini golf coarse which includes

  1. A spinning windmill

That is unfortunately all for now because that is all we will probably have time for because we have spent a lot of time trying to use the micro bit.


This is my first draft of the micro bit code


Last design session we tried the code using the actual micro: bit and the servo motor wouldn’t spin. When I moved the GND cord into certain spots it would spin a little bit. I don’t know but I think it is not working really well because of the connection. Next design session I’m going to try and fix it. So that is why there will be no video of the first code working.

Screen recording explaining code

How we built the windmill

First I made the base for the brick

Then I added the motor on joined by a few blocks connected to the base.

After that we added the windmills arms and because of the weight of the windmills arms I had to add some stabilisers onto the base to hold it up at the front. Then because we joined the motor on using (I’m not sure what they are called) The motor would spin around so we added some more stabilisers up the top.

Where we added the stabilisers

The Windmill Working

Where we added some more blocks.

Lacey and I both agreed that we wanted the golf ball to be able to go under the brick so we added some more blocks onto the base


The screen cast explaining the code


Photos and videos of the process

This is the coarse with the grass only on.

The coarse without the windmill and zombies mouth.

The coarse Completed!



I’m very proud of what it turned out like. I wasn’t expecting the craft to be finished because I thought that the code would take longer. Thanks to Darragh and Alex for helping me when my group didn’t. I would have liked to had a bit more help from my group because almost every night I would take it home and do something.






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