Lego robotics

EV3 Lego Robotics Tricycle. My Tricycle will dodge obstacles and follow a path.

What is a EV3 Lego Brick?

An Ev3 Lego Brick is a Lego coding source that we are extremely lucky to use. It has two different types of ports to plug in cords to motors and more. At one end is a numbered port [there are 4 ports in each end] The numbers go up to four. Then at the other end is port AB and C. The letter ports are for motors and the numbered ports are for sensors. There are two types of motors medium and large I am using the large motor for the tricycle. The EV3 brick also has three more different ports to hook up into your computer they are called port USB,SD and PC. The USB cord is only for downloading, so don’t hook it up to the brick if you want to activate bluetooth, it just confuses the brick. I used scratch at first but it wasn’t reliable Bluetooth wise so I switched to a app called Lego Mindstorms which works really well with Bluetooth 


What did I do?

I coded a Lego Robotics Tricycle to follow a path.


What was important about it?

The coding. The important thing in the coding is the positive and negative numbers. They change the whole code!


Where could I use this again?

I could use the coding again in a different project on a different course.

Do I see any patterns in what I did?

I saw patterns in the left and right they were basically the same but with diffrent negitive positive numbers.  Also same thing with forwards and backwards.

How well did I do? 

I think I did well on the coding and I have learnt a lot about it. I also think I did well on the track.

What should I do next?

I would like to make the robot choose which path to follow


My first code and screen recording

Video of first code working


Second code and screen recording


Video of code working

The new/edited screen recording of code


And this is the video of the code working

This is the track

Unfortunately the tricycle was too big for the track but I’m still really proud of both the tricycle and the track

Pictures of the process

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