Lego Robotics Lesson 8

This lesson we started learning how to do basic line following. The first couple times it did not work, but after persevering we got it to follow the black line!

Self Evaluation

This term in robotics I was mainly doing the photography and filming.  I think I could of done some more  programming. I think I did really well on my blog posts especially my first one. I learnt that with robotics you really need to be patient i really enjoyed this term, I cant wait to see what term 2 brings.


Lego Robotics Week 7

Colour Sensor!

This lesson we learnt how to use a colour sensor. At first we were a bit confused at how it worked but once we created a costing colour program that we thought might work, we started to understand more. We  got our program to work first try!

This video for colour sensor costing 

Next we moved onto the break colour program, which also worked well.

This video for colour sensor break



Later on we learnt a bit more about loops. We had to create a program using a loop and make it go around a square piece of paper in a perfect square. Henry created the program and I measured the square  and Charlie was blogging about what was happening. After our 6th attempt we got the square to work.


Next lesson we are going to try and get our robot to follow a black line. I learnt that certain things don’t always work even if the program seems right, there could even be something wrong that you don’t know about.


Lego Robotics Lesson 3


In lesson 3 Henry, Charlie and I tried to get our robot to upload. It still wasn’t working so we got Mr McKie to restart our Robot, it still wasn’t working so we worked on our programs instead. then in the last lesson of design that day we got a new brick, now we just hope it works.


It is hard to get the robot to do what I need it to do sometimes but there is always a way to solve that problem because it is mechanical. so i need to learn more about how to fix that.


Having these mistakes happen is actually quite helpful because i need to know how to fix these problems if they happen later on in this term/year.


We just kept on trying different ways to solve the problem, getting closer and closer each lesson.


We got to develop our programs, for example if i realised that a certain code piece wasn’t right, I would put in the correct one. it also helped let me find new code pieces, i didn’t know which block was the stop program block but while i was looking around at the different options i found it.


Next we will attempt to use our new brick and hope that we are successful with it and can upload our programs.

Lego Robotics Lesson 1

Starting Robotics!


In our first lesson of design,  Henry, Charlie and I built our robot!. We used Lego pieces that you could mostly find at home (except the engines!) Later on we started to try and create a program.


We each had our own kind of jobs at the start, I was mainly helping with instructions while Charlie was a piece finder, which was very hard because there was always people crowding around trying to find Lego pieces. At first Henry built, then I had a turn, then Charlie did so we all got turn at building. 


Learning to program and build robots will help a lot later on in the year if we want to do Lego League or the competitions that Geelong College do. Doing robotics involves team work. I found our team worked very well together as we were focused on the task at hand.


A bad thing is I realised that every time we tried to upload a program onto the robot it wouldn’t come up in the Bluetooth connection area or if we used a USB cord it still wouldn’t work. A good thing is every time I started to create a program, I figured out how to make what I needed to happen, happen!


Sometimes it was frustrating because we got impatient with our robot as it wasn’t uploading  but other times it was fun because we get to learn how to program, build and produce robots that can follow lines, speak and do what you need them to do.


I hope that we can get our robot to work and complete the challenges that are needed to be completed so we can move on and begin others.


Above is a link is a video of our first time getting our robot to move. Tom Q helped us.

this is our robot without the brick attached

Lego Robotics Lesson 2

This week Charlie, Henry and I created our first program and started to try and upload it but we could not upload the program onto the robot which has always been a problem every time we try to upload the program, hopefully we can get it to work. I helped by trying to figure out what would work, connecting using Bluetooth or the USB cord.

Something we need to work on is how to upload our programs onto our robot.

During this lesson I helped by trying to figure out what would work, connecting using Bluetooth or the USB cord.

If anything bad happens we can fix the problem. We tried and tried again to get our programs uploaded but we did not succeed so we went on with our programs.

Next lesson we are going to try and upload this program.