Lego Robotics Week 7

Colour Sensor!

This lesson we learnt how to use a colour sensor. At first we were a bit confused at how it worked but once we created a costing colour program that we thought might work, we started to understand more. We  got our program to work first try!

This video for colour sensor costing 

Next we moved onto the break colour program, which also worked well.

This video for colour sensor break



Later on we learnt a bit more about loops. We had to create a program using a loop and make it go around a square piece of paper in a perfect square. Henry created the program and I measured the square  and Charlie was blogging about what was happening. After our 6th attempt we got the square to work.


Next lesson we are going to try and get our robot to follow a black line. I learnt that certain things don’t always work even if the program seems right, there could even be something wrong that you don’t know about.


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