Lego Robotics Lesson 6

Touch Sensor!

       (These are the two bricks that work with the touch sensor)

This lesson we learnt how to use a touch sensor!

At first we were confused on how to use the touch sensor, then we got a little bit more help with explaining about how the touch sensor works and  we were ready to create the programs!!

I created the program then uploaded it onto the robot (this took a bit of time) and then we tested it. We pressed play on the program the robot moved towards Charlies hand, then when it hit Charlie’s hand it stopped moving!

Next we went onto test two, the wall. We put the robot about 30 cm away from the wall, pressed play, and when it hit the wall it stopped! We were very proud of ourselves as we completed it first try.

I feel like at the start of robotics everything was going wrong, but now everything is going right which I’m very happy about. From this lesson I learnt that even if something is confusing at first you can figure it out with a little bit of  determination.



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