Lego Robotics Lesson 3


In lesson 3 Henry, Charlie and I tried to get our robot to upload. It still wasn’t working so we got Mr McKie to restart our Robot, it still wasn’t working so we worked on our programs instead. then in the last lesson of design that day we got a new brick, now we just hope it works.


It is hard to get the robot to do what I need it to do sometimes but there is always a way to solve that problem because it is mechanical. so i need to learn more about how to fix that.


Having these mistakes happen is actually quite helpful because i need to know how to fix these problems if they happen later on in this term/year.


We just kept on trying different ways to solve the problem, getting closer and closer each lesson.


We got to develop our programs, for example if i realised that a certain code piece wasn’t right, I would put in the correct one. it also helped let me find new code pieces, i didn’t know which block was the stop program block but while i was looking around at the different options i found it.


Next we will attempt to use our new brick and hope that we are successful with it and can upload our programs.

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