Lego Robotics Lesson 1

Starting Robotics!


In our first lesson of design,  Henry, Charlie and I built our robot!. We used Lego pieces that you could mostly find at home (except the engines!) Later on we started to try and create a program.


We each had our own kind of jobs at the start, I was mainly helping with instructions while Charlie was a piece finder, which was very hard because there was always people crowding around trying to find Lego pieces. At first Henry built, then I had a turn, then Charlie did so we all got turn at building. 


Learning to program and build robots will help a lot later on in the year if we want to do Lego League or the competitions that Geelong College do. Doing robotics involves team work. I found our team worked very well together as we were focused on the task at hand.


A bad thing is I realised that every time we tried to upload a program onto the robot it wouldn’t come up in the Bluetooth connection area or if we used a USB cord it still wouldn’t work. A good thing is every time I started to create a program, I figured out how to make what I needed to happen, happen!


Sometimes it was frustrating because we got impatient with our robot as it wasn’t uploading  but other times it was fun because we get to learn how to program, build and produce robots that can follow lines, speak and do what you need them to do.


I hope that we can get our robot to work and complete the challenges that are needed to be completed so we can move on and begin others.


Above is a link is a video of our first time getting our robot to move. Tom Q helped us.

this is our robot without the brick attached

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