The History of Australia’s Prime Ministers

Makey Makey Design Project:

I am working on a project with Leon. The project we are working on is a project about the prime minsters of Australia.

Our Design:

We are going to design a cardboard box with the past Prime Ministers names glued onto the outside. We will attach a small piece of foil below each of the names so when you touch the foil it will react with the Makey Makey and follow the code. Here is a photo of my design:

The Code:

We coded the Makey Makey to play prerecorded information about each Prime Minister when you touch the foil.

What You Will Learn:

When you touch the foil you will learn when each prime minister served and also when and where the were born for example:

Malcolm Turnbull: Malcolm Turnbull was the Prime Minister of Australia from 2015 to 2018. He was born on the 24 of October 1954 in Sydney.


Progress Photos

Here are some photos of our project:


Its done