Lego EV3 project (both)

Archie Morgan and I were building a snowplough and here is five photos from all angles. Archie and I were also with Leon when we built the snowplough.

Our next project was a crane which we are still building. Here are are some photos from that project.


What Worked Well

Some things that worked well with the snowplough were the tank tracks for wheels as they would grip the carpet and it would move along with quite a lot of speed.

Things that worked well with the crane was the frame work and the arm i just found the arm on the ground and put a few more long pieces on the end and it fit perfectly so the next day i brought string to school and attached it.


What Didn’t Work Well

Things that didn’t work well with the snowplough were the grab and lift and getting it attached to the front of the block and the code. At the time we were using scratch and we found it unreliable so we tried different things but all to no good use.

Things that didn’t work well with the crane were the lifting mechanism and the motor to do so


What I learnt

With the snow plough I learnt that the tanks tracks were not good at moving on tables instead they were better on the carpet. I also learnt how to code with the lego ev3 software and how to make a robot follow a line using that software.


How could I use what I’ve learnt in the future.

In the future I could program more complicated robots and machines. I could help program other peoples robots if they were struggling.

The History of Australia’s Prime Ministers

Makey Makey Design Project:

I am working on a project with Leon. The project we are working on is a project about the prime minsters of Australia.

Our Design:

We are going to design a cardboard box with the past Prime Ministers names glued onto the outside. We will attach a small piece of foil below each of the names so when you touch the foil it will react with the Makey Makey and follow the code. Here is a photo of my design:

The Code:

We coded the Makey Makey to play prerecorded information about each Prime Minister when you touch the foil.

What You Will Learn:

When you touch the foil you will learn when each prime minister served and also when and where the were born for example:

Malcolm Turnbull: Malcolm Turnbull was the Prime Minister of Australia from 2015 to 2018. He was born on the 24 of October 1954 in Sydney.


Progress Photos

Here are some photos of our project:


Our Goal

Our goal is to make a black box with the names of the past 6 prime ministers on it and when you touch the foil it will say some information about each prime minister. on the sides and back of the box there are drawings that Leon and I drew


Our Struggles

Some of our struggles were:

  • getting the alligator clips to attach to the foil
  • the volume
  • getting the code to react

How we solved it

We solved getting the alligator clips to attach to the foil by sticky-taping the clips to the foil in a way that it would still conduct electricity and react

We solved the volume problem by bringing a speaker and putting it inside the box