update post

I dont have he film with me but so far i’ve got some more ideas on what to film next

1 im going to pop a balloon (with confetti inside it).

2 spin a dirt bike wheel in a puddle and in a pile of rocks.

3 put hundreds of rubber bands around a watermelon

3 pop a water balloon

4 punch a water balloon

5 *maybe* light a wish flower on fire

6 skipping or dropping a rock into a puddle and a damn

7 lighting a teddy bear on fire

8 striking a match

9 tap a make up brush with glitter all over it.

10 *MAYBE* jump onΒ  water bottle

11 squeeze water bottle

12 doing a bomb into a pool

13 bath bomb

14 wet dog shaking.

15 smashing a guitar.

I’ve got more ideas that ill explain next update blog post.



Birke Baehr

1.The main take away’s for me are watch what you put in your diet because most foods and things we eat have all these chemicals sprayed all over them for various reasons, a powerful message was would you rather pay the farmer or pay the hospital.

2.He said many powerful things one of them was one kid at a time and an other one was would you rather pay the farmer or pay the hospital these little messages got the audience hooked in and he had a powerful way ofΒ  telling things, he had no script ha had researched nearly everything he was saying.


In my first passion project i’m going to slow lots of random videos right down and show some really cool reversed videos as well and the end product should be amazing to watch ill also add in some music over the top of the clips and ill edit it in adobe premiere.



  1. He used graphic and some distressing images to make people know that its happening and he isn’t lying. He used a bit of humour at times he made good eye contact to make his talk more powerful. He wasn’t monotone so his piece made a big impact.
  2. The main take-away’s where his connections with the audience and that his piece was powerful so the audience was hooked and wanted more it had a strong meaning too. He was impacted by this so it made the audience feel the same way and he was a helpful and a great influence to other people to take action with problems like his.
  3. Richard looked like he had been public speaking for his life he used the hurtful images and it effected the audience to listen he used a strong voice as well as presenting clear. He had no script he new everything he wanted to say so he could make great eye contact.


Before you are about to write a comment on a postΒ  ‘THINK’

TRUE: when you comment it has to be true otherwise you are spreading lies and rumours and no one wants that do they ?Β 

HELPFUL:Being helpful is key to a nice comment you could just say nice post or something not negative.

INSPIRING : Be inspiring if it isn’t inspiring and it is negative then don’t comment it only comment something with a kind attitude and make inspiringΒ 

NICE:Β Just be nice why comment something on social media that isn’t nice anyone can see and will know that it is you. How do think others that saw itΒ would react would they take a negative and mean persons side or a person who is posting something not harmful, you decide.

KIND: Be kind and nothing bad can happen to you because you are being kind. Comment nice things and other people will comment nice things on your posts, its like the butterfly affect because if comment mean things things then that will effect someone who could start being negative to others and turning them negative so be KIND.

All these can help you to be positive and nice in general.


TED Thomas Suarez

A.The main take away’s were Learning and understanding how to make and customise and app and make it fun, he talked about his inspirations and following in there footsteps.

B. He got the messages across by adding humour and telling things it a structured order and he connected to the audience by telling them stories and things he’d done witch engaged them.

C.He used a microphone headset, an iPad, the screen behind him and a clicker to present his TED talk really clearly

D. He used humour at the right moments and was informing at the right moments as well as displaying his ideas of what he is gonna do in the future.