This is Ms Wiliamson’s clinic it is about shotlists and storyboards

we learnt about how important this clinic is. because this is the planing and the process to making you film

60% is planning

10% is production

30% is editing


Your shotlist needs to be clear so someone could read it and then know exactly what would be going on in your film, this is an example of a shot list.




In Mr Henderson’sΒ  clinicΒ  we learnt about tripods and cam camcorders


Tripods are a stand that hooks onto a camera or camcorder and stabilises it for a more smooth and less shaky view and is mostly recommendedΒ  than handy cam which is worse because it more likely to be dropped and it is more shaky uncomfortable to hold from my opinion.

This is the tripod that we have been using and been showed how to useΒ  Β  Β  Β it has many different features and can be used in may ways such as:

The legs can be extended to many different lengths or heights to fit your standards

the little clips at the bottom unclip and extend to an extreme length

The head of the tripod also has many things on it like a little scroll wheel on the handle that licks it and unlocks the head of the tripod so you can move the viewΒ  of the camera on the top.

The top is used for attaching the camera to the tripod

how to do this is you flick the little leaver above the handle in and you can take out a little screw to screw onto the camera, you place it back in by pulling out the flick which tightens the screw onto the tripod

there is also a little plus and minus spiny thing which tightens and loosens the screw.

(I don’t have a video because my mic isn’t working πŸ™ sadly)




camcorders are little hand held or you can put it on a tripod

it has an LCD screen some of the are touch screen

this isn’t the exact camcorder but it gives the right idea

the camcorder has an LCD screen some aren’t touch screen but they also have a strap to do handy cam but handy cam isn’t that handy because it isn’t the safest option because we are lucky to have many many tripods to use