simmple machines

This was the last rotation for 5c and we are doing simple machines

First we researched the six simple machines they where a:







once we had researched these we had to build them

here are all my models

This is a wheel and axle they are also what connect 2 wheels together in a car

Here is a pulley they make heavy things easier to lift if they where in a drain or a well.

That is a screw they hold thingsย  together, if they are a toy with a screw that would be holding that part of the screw together.

This is meant to be a lever but it doesn’t look like one but levers control things like with train tracks if there is one track turning one wat and one the other there might be someone to pull the lever to that the track opens the right way and the train goes the right way.This is a inclined plain it is kind of like a ramp but ill have to research that.

This is a wedge you are meant to wedge it under something to lift it up or so it stops moving.

I made a chainsaw with pullies but I haven’t taken photos yet and it uses pullies an I think something else.


ultrasonic EV3 sensor

For this challenge we had to make our robot stop 20cm in front of a wall or an object.

The ultrasonic sensor looks like to eyes,it will sense how far away an object is and stop or do whatever you told it to do with your programming this is what my program did to the robot

this is a snip of my program This program made my robot do what you just saw it stopped in front of the wall when it was supposed to.

I think that some people had trouble with this program because it is using a new sensor and nobody new how to use it but someoneย  did it so they put it on the board for people to see and ask questions and for people to understand.

here is a screen cast to finish explaining.

ultrasonic sensor screen cast-2d52yir


humming bird

the challenge was to make your LED turn on and under stand snap which is the program to run hummingbird

This is my snip of my program this worked even though you had to do 1 and 100 not 1 and 500 but it still worked. Me and Raph made it so that if we pressed the space bar the light would turn on and if we pressed it again it would turn off this challenge was one that was pretty easy.

This challenge was to make a vibration motor spin we new how snap worked really well by then.

the vibration motor was about the size of half my pinky finger and the bit that spins is the size of a really small stone.Here is a short video and screen cast about the vibration motor(the screen cast is about three things)humming bird-qaapen

I forgot to take photos of the servo motor.

EV3 Follow the line

This challenge was to make our EV3 follow a black line and me and my partner where successful.

the most challenging thing about this was getting the code right so the EV3 would stay on the line we finally got it right and here is the snip of the coding.ย Max and I finally got the right programming

EVe follow the line-2n2q9hy

This is the link to my screencast explaining all the programming.

EV3 colour sensor

CHALLENGE 4 colour sensor

The task was to learn what the colour sensor doses. The challenge was to get your ev3 robot to move up to a red piece of paper and sense the paper.

This is my program snip

I found out what the colour sensor is and what it does I also found that using degrees is the easiest because I didn’t know how to measure the rotations then max my partner told me that 550 degrees worked and I tried it and it did. Max also told me why it dose and not 360 degrees because I thought that 360 degrees would work .I will use this knowledge for the next challenges .

About lego we-do

we got the idea of a Ferris wheel from the top of the we-do box because we thought it would be a good project/challenge and different to everyone else’s.ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  it was a challenge to make but we did it in the end and there were problems but we solved them.