#Update post

Today I got the chance to go to Melbourne and film, I filmed at most of the spots I wanted to. I am hopefully going to download it tomorrow because couldn’t figure out how to I think It wont talk long to edit because I knew my script so there wasn’t many takes. I was also lucky to have very good wether today so the shots outside where nice. That’s all I’m up to at the moment.

Building views reflections

  these pages are my building views working sheets 

in the first picture it is of my first task and the 2nd of my 2nd .

the main steps of the task where:

making the blocks and finding  there different views and max and min (sheet two)

looking at there views once you had made them (sheet 1)

understanding different  views maths (300)


the most challenging part of the process:

for me I fount it really challenging to get the understanding of sheet 2 I as very confused but I had help from Evie an it helped me a lot and I lot. I was also confused by the maths 300 but now I understand it

SoS 10

The Asian elephants are one of the most amazing animals. Being one of the biggest you must think there tough but they are one of the most emotional animals they can show all different emotions like joy, anger, grief ,compassion and love. (They also play an important part in the ecosystem) There are so many ways of explaining the Asian elephant like cute big beautiful majestic and very mistreated. Poaching and habitat loss has forced these animals into forest areas where there is an even bigger chance of them being killed. Poaching is a big issue for most elephants mostly because there hunting for their tusks and skin. Because of all the issues the Asian elephant face they are now classified endangered as African elephants are only considered threatened. Elephants can live up to 70 years but because of ivory seeking poaches they can sometimes only live up to 18-20. How would you like to die at 20? Elephants have no natural predator except an occasional lion but the biggest threat to them is us humans! Us! humans are making a beautiful animal die we need to do something to stop this before an animal doesn’t exist. Lets put our feet down and do something for an animal in need. Because very elephant matters.







For my passion project this term I am hoping to be ably to do my passion project about…Melbourne I chose this topic because I love going to Melbourne and I was also born there. In my film I am hoping to be able to film a bit of the city, list a few of the things I love to do there and also show some of my favourite places to eat. My plan is to go up there one weekend and film at the moment I haven’t really decided what I want to use to film but I think I might just use a phone or a little camera.  I  am going to do mostly p.t.c but that’s because I will be explaining where I am and stuff, I am also going to get a few pictures and put them into a little slide show. that’s about it on what I ant to do but I also am in the middle of writing a few notes on how I’m gonna do it.Image result for melbourne


passion project #reflect

I a very happy with what my passion project turned out to be like. Accept in my first post I explained how I was going to film me but I decided that was going to take to long so I made a slide show of pictures from 3 different beaches ocean grove, point Lonsdale, barwon heads. My editing was done on movie maker because I was only doing a slide show. that’s all that was really important with my passion project because nothing went bad. that’s one of the pictures that I took

p.p #update

so far in my passion project I have gotten half way through my script and shot list. I have also talked to my mum about the dates of filming and also the real filming how we are going to do it, so far we have decided that I should do my passion project on the( best of pointlonsdale) because it comes under my first topic. We are going to take mostly pictures but some videos of food and the beach. I am going to make it into a bit of a slide show with music and text. I have had a bit of trouble with text on adobe premire witch is the program I hope to edit with, by trouble I mean text I cant seem to get the text up to stay so I’m going to keep practicing.

#Description P.P term 3

For my passion project this term I want to make a film thing about how point Lonsdale is great I want to go around and video stuff like food places the beach and a few other places. if because we only have short time for this and I run out of time I will do a slide show with pictures of all the places. but if I do the film my film will have peace to cameras voice over C.U  and normal video and maybe a pan of the beach. but other than that that’s what I want to do for my passion project this term.

OTTT The bollards

I have been selected to do the bollards for our town through time unit that we are doing for inquiry this term.

the history:

the bollards where created by Jan Mitchell they where or have been created in a time line of 1940-2008. And there are over 100 of them!! the bollards were made from the wood of the old Geelong peer.  some of the bollards have little bunnies painted on the back of them to show that the rabbits where introduce into Australia by the English. the bollards have all sorts of historic Australian people that really did make a mark in our history or did something incredible back then.


the particular story that I want to share is basically what I said about the history like wo the bollards were made by and the types of bollards that there are and also I want to focus on a few certain bollards the bathing beauties, the riffle band, the life saves maybe a few different ones but concentrating on the history I think would be really good like one of the things such as well I said this but the life saves (one of the life savers billy coyte taught many  children how to swim or as I said bathing beauties because it shows that the water front used to be used for some beauty competitions or the riffle band they represent Geelong’s  first band they held there performance in the botanic gardens in 1861( there are many more historic things)



I wont to at the start of my film have a slide show of most well as much of the bollards that I can get a picture of with a voice over explaining what the bollards are. I would like it if I could interview the public about there favourite one and why its there favourite or have an expert meet us there so we can interview them and learn a bit more about the bollards from an expert.



#p.p editing

so far I have downloaded half of my film a got that half onto the editing software and have tried to add a bit of music but it is a bit scratchy so I need to try fix that I also have sped up my whole thing because I am making a cake but so far I think I am going well but I do really need to get a move on with downloading that footage. One ther problem that I am coming across is my time I don’t want my p.p to go for to long but because making the cake took long my film may be bit long but I think the more I speed it up the shorter it will get so I may have to keep trying that I am also thinking of recording myself talking about how to make the cake. Other than that I am going pretty well and am happy where I am at.

The lost princess

Today in class we have watched a film about four people with all different situations of bullying or dangoureos situations that got the people into trouble all of these things were real life but played by actors so I am going to be doing the kid Kieran.

well Kieran had been playing his x box for a very long time ( years) h would be on it in the morning and at night he would rush home from school just to get back to his x box one day his parents asked if he could give the x box a rest for a little it but h didn’t he then developed  mental health issues and he dropped out of school because he was on it so much he lost all his friends his parents new what he had but never for some reason helped him a lot all of a sudden h realised that he needed to stop and went to his dad because he was a x box addict and h had mental health issues but thankfully he had family to help him over come his problems.