#p.p editing

so far I have downloaded half of my film a got that half onto the editing software and have tried to add a bit of music but it is a bit scratchy so I need to try fix that I also have sped up my whole thing because I am making a cake but so far I think I am going well but I do really need to get a move on with downloading that footage. One ther problem that I am coming across is my time I don’t want my p.p to go for to long but because making the cake took long my film may be bit long but I think the more I speed it up the shorter it will get so I may have to keep trying that I am also thinking of recording myself talking about how to make the cake. Other than that I am going pretty well and am happy where I am at.

The lost princess

Today in class we have watched a film about four people with all different situations of bullying or dangoureos situations that got the people into trouble all of these things were real life but played by actors so I am going to be doing the kid Kieran.

well Kieran had been playing his x box for a very long time ( years) h would be on it in the morning and at night he would rush home from school just to get back to his x box one day his parents asked if he could give the x box a rest for a little it but h didn’t he then developed  mental health issues and he dropped out of school because he was on it so much he lost all his friends his parents new what he had but never for some reason helped him a lot all of a sudden h realised that he needed to stop and went to his dad because he was a x box addict and h had mental health issues but thankfully he had family to help him over come his problems.

DC cartoons

This picture is making me sad because it shows what kids do these days and what children are using and stuff like that.

The message that I think it is , is that we spend way to much times on our phones even children do even if there outside they are still on there phones.

but I don’t still find it funny.

Win at the fair Maths

Win at the fair is something that we have been working on that is trying to make a game board. The game board is trying to win us money, mine did win me money!!!!!!!!! I was getting annoyed t maths 300 because it wouldn’t let me keep some of the original prize money that was on the original sheet/game board. The only thing I had to change was the number like the 40 cents was going to b a 20 cent and the 4.00 was gonna be a 5.00 dollar. But that is ok because  it still worked so to prove that I have this picture so I had to pay 701 dollars to the people and I earned 300 ish dollars and I was told by someone that for it to work you had to earn 300 dollars ish so I think mine worked! I think it would be appealing because of the 4.00 prize.

#PP Production

The other week I filmed my passion project with pat (the cook ) and it was really fun even though it took five hours it was worth it. It was very annoying to film we went through 2 ipads and one phone and it will be hard to get the footage off them all so we will have to see how it get it onto my computer. By the time we got all the filming and that done it was really late so no one wanted desert and that was a bit of a shame but I got to take it home and eat it all.

this is the cake being piped . Instead of making the cake in Napona (café ) we made it in pats house and it was just as good.

TED TALK- Richard turere

In year 6 we have been working on our ted talk so we have been watching other peoples ted talks. The ted talk that we have been watching today is Richard turere. I think that the main message is that you can create anything that you want if you keep trying and if you are very passionate about it and never give up. Richard tried many different ways of making the loins stop these are the thing that he tried the first thing that he tried was using fire but that didn’t work but then he tried using a scare crow it worked for a night but the loins realised that it was fake and kept on coming so then he tried to make a thing that flashed so it looked like he was moving around the  cow cage and it worked. He got his message across by showing a slide show of images I found one of the images a bit confronting because it was of one of the cows that was killed by a lion. He had a little button thing in his hand that was letting him change the picture and he also had a slide show behind him.  I liked how he presented his TED he moved around a bit but not to much and then he had the screen behind him for pictures.

Thomas suarez

In Thomas’s TED talk his message was,That anyone can make an app and not just adults.

Thomas was very good at getting his message across he did this by moving around the stage and making a good amount of jokes but not to many and also explaining about his own apps. The technical support he used was his ipad that was in his hand and the big screen behind him. when Thomas was presenting he moved around the stage a bit but not to much so he used he space well and he wasn’t always looking at his ipad and that was very good because it meant his eye contact was good.

#PP planning

well I have filmed my cake being made and I have started downloading the footage I do have a shot list but it was on a piece of paper and I didn’t get any pictures of it, it also got dirty when I was cooking. The only shots that I used were C.U and a over head sot  I think because most of my film is in time laps.

I am really hoping to get some editing done because I am not very good at using the program and I want to have a few tries before getting started. I ended up filming the film in pat the chiefs house and it was Just as good . I am happy to be getting started on with my editing and am so glad that pat and my mum were there to help. I am getting a picture of my cake for my post but for now I don’t have one so I am using this .

Digital etiquette

Netiquette: the word netiquette means digital etiquette basically meaning being polite online.

flame wars: a flame war is when someone comments on something and tries to start I a fight by saying mean and rood possibly illegal but that is most unlikely  .

trolls: a troll is someone who searches the web trying to find something to comment on to basically trying to start a flame war.

anonymous: hiding behind a screen

communicating clearly: when you are communicating make sure that you don’t type slang when talking to someone online like a teacher. if you are talking about something online that is important don’t miss out words re-read what you are talking about. also make sure you don’t use all caps lock like this: THIS IS AN EGSAMPLE I AM NOT REALLY SHOUTING AT YOU.

permission : before posting a picture or something about someone always ask them before posting it.

I think Tim means that once you put something on the web it is out anyone could see it and make it there own.


I think everyone should be kind and careful online if your not kind problems can come but if your not careful what you  say and do and post will be there forever once that message is out it is out and you don’t own it anymore the internet does.



Think online

This image is about being safe kind and helpful online. When you are not doing any of that do not post or send it because it can cause problems and things like that.

If you are putting something online that is not TRUE don’t put it online.

If you are putting something online that is not HELPFUL don’t put it online.

If you are putting something online that is not INSPIREING don’t put it online.

If you are putting something online that is not NECESSARY don’t put it online.

If you are  putting something online that is not KIND don’t put it online.

That is basically what the what the THINK acronym is saying.

I believe that every interaction online should be:

TRUE because if its not true people can believe it and it can start problems.

HELPFUL because if it is not helpful then your just adding problems to the problem.

INSPIRING because if it is inspiring people will use it in there situations.

NECESSARY because  if it not necessary well it is not necessary.

KIND because if its not kind it is rood and being rood is never a good thing and make people sad.