#reflection t3

ok, ok, I know I’m late.

This convention was amazing, I had a chance to try something new and sort of made some friends.

The creepy parts:

  1. The first person who asked us for a photo came up to my Dad and asked him. He also said I’m saving for my collection, here is the photo¬†I kind of wish I said no to the picture, it was really awkward and I have no idea what he is going to do with it…
  2. Those are all the negatives lets get to the positive.

A lot of other people asked for photos and it wasn’t weird and they asked us directly. There were lots of stores where you could buy loads of different things like keyrings and chocolate. My favourite store was a pocky store where I wanted to try the wasabi flavour but since it was the last day they sold out.


Sadly I got super lost in the moment and didn’t take any other photos.

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