The Lost Princess

The short film was about cyber safety. The 4 characters Lost princess, Charlotte, Lucy and Keiran were telling us not to give away personal information such as your age, phone number or keeping your passwords anywhere but your BrAin…

Here is what I learnt from the lost princess.

The Princess now known as LP or Peachy P sneaks online and meets White Knight now known as That 40yr old or Creep, Creep shows her a ‘photo’ of him aka he found on the web and Peachy P instantly trusted him. LP is 11 he is 40! (CALL THE POLICE) He guesses Peachy’s age (13) and she says “Yes you got it right” they continue talking for a really long time over a few weeks I’m guessing and during that time Mr Creep Von Creep Face asks Peachy P some really personal questions like “have you ever snogged anyone” and in the end he tells her “Don’t tell your mum” and she doesn’t (she is going to get kidnapped one day). AND guess what happens in the end?! SHE goes, yes goes to a concert to find him. HE stalks up next to her AND calls her cutey. Peachy doesn’t realise this is her Knight. (her parents need to check up on her phone and computer pls) HE sits next to her and she texts him that shes eleven and leaves the concert only to be stopped by CREEPY MC CREEP by texting her that he is 40! He gets stopped by security because ITS A KIDS CONCERT. I hope the man gets put in jail.

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