Rant 1

This my first is my first rant about nothing in particular , readers beware your brain might turn into a form of unicorn diarrhoea. Ok that’s my warning (just don’t read on)…



passion projects


Ok. Yes  I’m enjoying doing passion projects I am loving the thought that goes into every project and seeing everyone else’s. (here comes the big but) BUT what about teachers wouldn’t it be nice to see what teachers do in the course of 10 weeks more or less? I feel as if its not just me who thinks that would be a good idea because the thought of teachers (sorry miss Williamson) not leaving the school grounds is most likely common. No, I don’t know any body else’s opinion. Also don’t we get graded on our passion projects? Then why shouldn’t we be able to grade our teacher (no we are not going to waste our time making giant reports on our teachers). Ok I’ll leave it there.



Random Fact That Could Leave Teachers In Tears:

98% of what you learn is a waste

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