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I don’t know if you like Steven Universe, but I love it.

I was thinking that I could create an outfit from a gem and go to the Convention in September, well that’s at lease what I’m going try to do.

D e t a i l s   o f   t h e   s h o w:

The crystal gems are a group of rebels on planet earth. One of the leaders ‘Rose Quarts‘Died’ to give life to her son Steven who is half gem half human. The show is like a reality series of his life with the crystal gemsbtw the only way to get into the crystal gems is to rebel against home-world.

The gem Peridot (the green one) rebelled later in the series.


that’s the video ^                                                                                                                                                                                   I

Gems can also fuse together to make another gem, like garnet

Who is originally Ruby and Saphire

(SPOILER they get married)

One of the things I aim for is to have confidence in the character.

Like this Cosplayer who dressed up as Lapis Lazuli.

You can watch the episodes on Cartoon Network and if you already know the show do this quiz!

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