What I’ve learnt so far this year

Well, if I hadn’t been introduced to the environment through the Year 4 program I would have never had such a love for animals like guinea pigs and chickens? ?and lots of other animals that include birds like the grey goshawk and the grey fantail or animals like snails or caterpillars. Yes, I was quite afraid of caterpillars.?

Since I have had time to fiddle with carpet weed I’ve had time to think about other plants.  Lettuce is like carpet weed when  the seeds come out of the top of it spreads like it, but its good for us like mistakes (not many people like vegetables and mistakes)

I’ve also how to  cook it is great fun …actually its better than fun! I have cooked with my group ,eggs on rolls, lentil stew, and olive, feta and herb  loaf

Have you gone ponding? I have. Have you caught freshwater shrimp? Year 4 and I have and it is great fun! We use nets to catch the freshwater creatures. I have learnt that I always drop my net in the water. We just need to go left, right, left, right for 10 seconds and the you put them in a tub and they swim like mad. The problem is that sometimes you don’t even catch a leaf ?.

Does anybody want to camp in the Year 4 classrooms? I do! Maybe we could one day…    ??

Mr. Katsis talked to us about fairy wrens. We learnt about their breeding patterns like early in the morning the female mates with another male secretly.  Mr. Scuffins bought us a barn owl, Nankeen kestrel , and an Australian hobby.  The barn owl inspired my barn owl topic for the coolest critter. Professor Andy Bennett taught us about what he does with birds **which I have grown to find really interesting. Imagine yourself as a swan flying into a cyclone that MUST be scary. From all these visitors I’ve learnt more about jobs with what they do with birds like putting mini satellites on birds to track where they go.

We’ve been doing book club I’ve read  ‘Matty Forever’ and ‘Armels revenge’. I thought they were well written because they were about friendship and bullying.  Our teachers (Mr. Johnston, Mrs. Boyd, and Mrs. Bartlett ) all agreed that they wanted to read us another book (that I did not read ) called ‘I am Jack’    I’ve just finished ‘ The boss of the pool ‘ about a girl named Shelley and a boy who is disabled and she teaches him how to swim, I think this book is  about respect and perseverance.

We’ve had finished a project called pot-to-plate-project when grew a plant at school…in a pot I grew radish. Then we had pot-to-plate day when I used zucchini from my garden at my house I baked a chocolate and zucchini cake.

Coolest critter competion:                                                                                                                Now we have a competition (kind of) I’m doing the almighty barn owl.? The only rules are you try to make it interesting , and to vote fairly***and 2 of the Year 4s from each class get to go into the finals! They do their presentation for the second time and every one votes which one they think is the coolest critter of the Year and the person with the most votes win! Hooray! We presented in week 9 and 10.


                                                                                                                                                        *they suck out he nutrients of the other plants around them.                                                                                                                            **He puts a little tracking computer on their necks and it gives a message  every 3-4 hours .(a solar message because it’s a solar powered tracker )                                                                                                                                            ***  Don’t vote for your friends vote for the critters that are the most interesting to you .                                                                          

by Lulu Joske

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