Richard Turere’s Ted Talk

Richard hates lions because they kill their life stock, however Richard finds out a way to solve a problem using flashing lights.

He has two other main ideas before his final product, they were fire and a scarecrow. The fire didn’t work because it could give the lions a easier look inside the cowshed and the scare failed because they would be scared one day but on the second day they would think ‘he isn’t even moving’ and attack.

I recommend watching the Ted Talk because  his idea is being used all around Kenya for more than just lions (leopards and hyenas) and has even gotten a scholar ship.


I believe his message was that if you can find a way to fix something you hate, try your hardest to fix it.

His communication skills were that he didn’t need a script so he kept his eye contact with the audience the whole time, he had a small microphone for so you can hear him better.

He also used hand gestures as a sign of communication.

Thomas Suarez’s Ted Talk

From what I took away from this Ted Talk is that anybody can create something they love, Thomas has made apps such as ‘Bustin Jeiber’ a whacker-mole game.

Thomas explains that using iPhone software developing kit helped him make is apps he promotes students at school by having a club to create apps.

Thomas Suarez has received  encouragement from lots of people including Apple employees, his parents and friend

He had a small iPad on him for a script however he mostly didn’t need it, he didn’t say ‘um’ or ‘ah’ and as soon as he started speaking he captured the audience and myself, I hope that when I present my talk I can be as inspiring as him.

Green Screen Clinic

This was the last official clinic  😭


Key Information:

You can transport yourself to amazing places/sights with the Green Screen

You can become invisible

You need to avoid shadows– so you need your stage to be well lit

You use adobe premier to  edit

Some nick names for ‘green screen’ are Ultrakey and Chromekey


                                IMPORTANT RULES FOR THE GREEN SCREEN ROOM

No shoes or locking the door


Wireless Microphones

The sound of the microphone is powerful it can pick up your voice in the wind!

Remember to always use headphones

You can get a handheld microphone as well

You can tuck the lapels into your collar  and it can hear you even better than a normal microphone on a camera

I think one of the good things about hand held microphones is that you can zoom without the audio distorting.

Even though its wireless you need a wire to plug the lapel into a belt pack the one you plug the lapel in the transmitter  with the word transmitter on it, the one with the word receiver plugs into the camera.


Shotgun Mics

Can you read my blog in Braille?


I guess you can’t…


A subtle translation:

Shot gun microphones!
The shot gun microphone is great for Mid shot to extreme close up but is terrible for long shots, the microphone has a cord to plug into the camera make sure you flick the switch to turn the green light on because that means the audio is on.
Also remember to put in your headphones so you can hear from the mic. Also like any other camera and microphone, remember to download and delete your footage from the camera.

Royalty Free Music

What is copyright?

It’s kind of like pirating, so you copy a DVD onto another DVD and selling your own version

I learnt that a copyright free website is BENSOUND

You need songs that fit the video as well

We went onto Bensound to find different types of music to fit the movies Star Wars, Titanic , Wonder, The Greatest Showman, IT.

I sadly didn’t complete all of them the clips at the top is some of the music we listened to.


Shotlist and StoryBoard

Film Making

-60% planning

-10% production

-30% Editing

Story boards

A story board is a graphic representation of how your will unfold, shot by shot. When you use a story board it is easier for you in the long time.

Shot Lists

A shot list is when you list every shot from beginning to end. You direct in columns so timing and estimating for your film is closer to its actual time.



Tripod Safety

.Don’t leave the tripod in the café or anywhere unattended

.Don’t force the tripod

. Make sure the tripod is balanced

Panning  — moving the camera left to right

Tilting   — moving the camera up and down

Zoom  — don’t ZOOM move

Remember that most cameras are touch screen