Did you achieve what you originally set out to do?

Well everything went as planned. My original set out was colourful icing but well I couldn’t find a recipe. I feel they still are good and my dogs love them.

What successes or challenges did you experience toward the end of your project?

well I could find any recipes for icing. I tried every thing I made a peanut butter icing which the dog didn’t like. I tried to use real sugar but mum said sugars not good for dogs so I just skipped icing and they still are good.

How did you overcome the challenges?

I made some and the dogs didn’t like them so I am to keep on finding some more recipes and make sure the dogs are in love with them.

How can you extend your learning if you were to continue with this project?

I would probably sell the dog treats and put the money into STOP ANIMAL ABUSE because I want it to stop and yeah.

here a film of me making it !!!!!!

Win At The Fair

Win at the fair is were we need to make the game fair, you need to make sure you get profit and the game is enticing. You need to make people want to play you game. We need to make it so I earn money and you thinks its enticing.


LESSION 1: what we did was play the game. I noticed that it was unfair because I was losing lots of money and they were winning the money. We lost over $100 which is not good and there were no high jackpots which isn’t enticing. You need the game enticing so people want to play it and more people play the more money you get. its $1 per game and we are losing.


LESSION 2: You had to make a board. See if it was profitable you had to make around $300 dollars or more. And you need to play 1000 times and everyone would give you $1 dollar for 1 game and you would end up with $1000 dollars. We found out we were losing lots of money. So you should get around $300 dollar of profit. And then test the board to see if it works. Sadly I missed some of this lesion so I didn’t get to do it.


LESSION 3: The hard part is starting. We had to go on maths300 and create are own. we got to put the prices on and move the arrows around to find a fair game board. My think was to make the jackpot on the lease rolled numbers so I had 2x $100 as a jackpot. And the top numbers were good but not jackpots. And the hard thinking began. Now we had to make a game with the same rules as the first, except you can change the money amounts and which way the arrows go. Then, you tested it with 1000 games and saw the outcome of your game. It took me a couple of turns, but finally I got one so here it is (down the bottom)


LESSION 4: So we are done. I found one and I think I did really good. So I didn’t lose anything and I got around $300 dollars. The game was enticing and I got profit. Over all Win at the fair was a great game to explore, because we had to find the right way and to make it enticing and make us get profit. Although I didn’t get more right way I still feel I did a good job and tried. We now get to make a fair and enticing game. My goal was to make it fun, Enticing and get profit. So what I did was I make it the leased roll number the jackpot !!! so then they will think they will get when it is in likely. I earned around $300 which is pretty good, my highest jackpot was 2 $100 dollars. So on the top of my game board I had a ok amount not a jackpot just a little amount on the side it was the same then as you go down the jackpots were coming. I made it (12 and 2) the ones that go left and right the rest going up so not a big chance of getting jackpot. I felt like 12 and 2 didn’t get rolled that much so that’s why they are the side numbers.


Digital Etiquette

Today we watch a film about Digital Etiquette, we learnt basically what is a Digital Etiquette.

Etiquette – is were they are codes of behaviour which you have to follow.

Netiquette- is just a code of the polite behaviour which you comply online.

flaming/flame war -Its were you are replying to mean messages online basically you are playing back. The people who start the they are called trolls, trolls send mean messages.

trolls – A troll is someone who is sending mean messages. They start flame wars and be mean online, they lie sometimes about who they are.

Communicating- don’t use capital letters because they might think your yelling. Emojis explain your message so a happy means your message is happy. Don’t shorten words to much spell like normal words so don’t do coz say because.

Anonymous- using another name when your are not them. so  you can say anything you want and not be tracked.

Permission- don’t post photo without asking permission first.

Tim means – what I post is there forever it can not be taken back.


Digital Citizenship

when online you need to be true. If not posting something helpfull dont do it. Put your feet in other people shoes and think to your self is it kind. 160,000 kids get cyber bullied a day which the numbers need to go down. So next time your online think before you type and be true, kind, helpfull and recpectfull and treat others how you would like to be treated. Remember you mite think your not hurting someone when you are so think before you type and be the better person and stop .


so far I have no started the dog treats but I have got some supplies. I got a jar for the treats to go in, I got some cookie cutters so the treats will look nice and lastly I got a mixing spoon. the jar is clear and is really big! I going to put some Ruben around it so like looks cute and pretty. I am planning of starting to make the dog treats at the last week its due. here is a photo of me with the supplies I got sorry its upside down didn’t now how to fix it.


My Passions are…. My dog Porsha and cooking so I am going to put them together and make Porsha dog treats, there are 5 steps I will do #1 get supplies #2 get ingredients #3 Make/bake #4 decorate #5 share what I have made. I think it is 8-15 ages. What i am planning on doing for supplies is I am get everything I need. I am going to go down to Kmart and get every supplies I need. then for ingredients I am going to go to a supermarket and get the food I need. For make/bake I am going to make it and then put it in the oven. For decorate I am going to decorate the treats and the gar the treats will go in. And lastly I will show my maser piece to my class. I will also film on my phone everything so like a vlog. Here a little sneak peak I made enjoy…. 🙂

Birke Baehr’s TED Talk

The main message was that supermarkets are a lie they say that there cows eat grass and pigs roll around in mud well that’s all a lie. So don’t ever jug a book by it cover.

The message got across because he used eye contact and he had a super strong and power voice. He stay in the one spot which was the middle which is good because everyone can see him. He also had really good humour.

He use a slide show and he didn’t just look at the slide show he stay looking at the crowd which is very good. e used humour to get his audience’s attention and he had a mic which wasn’t to loud I think it was great and you couldn’t see it because it was clipped onto his top.

It wouldn’t let me put on a photo I try lots of times to.


Richard Turere’s TED

The main message in Richards TED that you can do anything when you try and you don’t need fancy things to do something. He just use a radio and now he has made something so amazing. Well you now what they say good things happen when you try and now since Richard did that he now goes to one of the greatest schools in his country.

He got the message across from using eye contact and not just standing still he walked around so every one could see him. He didn’t stop looking at the crowd and he spoke clearly and he expand everything what happens.

His technical support was really good because he didn’t look at them and he just had eye line to the crowd. he didn’t look at them once and they were good photo because then people can see what is happening other there.

His presentation techniques were really good because he had a strong photo slide and it got the message across really fast. I know they were sad but it got it across and people need to know what happens over there because it is a bad thing.

Thomas Suarez’s Ted Talk

The message in Thomas’s TED Talk was how and what to do if you wanted to make apps like him. He also tells us what he did to make everyone be like him. The main message was you can do anything if you try and kids are just as good as adults. He got the message across from giving us eye contact and a clear voice. He also didn’t just stand on the side he stayed in the middle so everyone could see him. The technical support he used was a slid show and ipad. he never looked at the ipad and slid show he just stayed looking at the people. His Presentation techniques were really good because he forgot they were there (that’s a good thing because he doesn’t look at them) and just spoke clear and did really good on his TED Talk