For this terms passion project I am making bandannas for dogs and the money will go to dog shelters!


I will be doing this with Claire. We just got ambassadors to help  promote are business and all the fabrics have came so we are starting to make them. Most of the bandannas are $4.99. And a few weeks ago are business cards came so we will soon hand them out to the class. Are goal is to raise over $500 dollars. We have lots of fabrics and all of the bandannas fit every dog. we have a Instagram page so people can also buy of there and we can post photos of what the bandannas look like. Cant wait to show you all of are bandannas. Are name is Glambandannas.


So Claire and I have really enjoy this term on passion project. We have had lots of up and downs but finally we have finished. The film is not for ACMI anyone because we lost all are work and it will be to hard to refilm again. So we just made a little quick film. The film is about two sisters. The little sister always takes her big sisters stuff.

We Achieve a really good film that we both are so proud of. In the end we loved the film we made and its really funny. We didn’t Achieve somethings but we got over them.

we had lots of challenges and some successes. One of the challenges was we lost everything we film and we had to refilm everything again. And the successes where are class love are film and people say its funny.

We just got over it and made another one and we really like this one (maybe a bit better)

Probably save it in a good place so we don’t lose are work and then we wouldn’t need to refilm it again. And maybe make it a bit longer. So then people can see more of are work. Here are some photos of what apps we use and what we did.

Italy RVE

A through weeks ago we were learning about country’s cultures. I choice to do Italy because Its my favourite country. Here are somethings I learnt about Italy.


~ Italians loves to wear fancy clothes. They care about there style.

~ Italians make lots of fancy brands. One of them is Gucci.

~ Italians like to talk with their hands.

One thing Italians love to do is EAT! they like to eat lots of things like…………….


The differences are….. Australians don’t really Mine about they style or what they look like. Italians care. If they were just to go to the supermarket they would probably get dressed and look fancy. Italians are good at making food when we Australians would just cook on the BBQ. Italians like to use there hands to talk when we don’t really.

Well we are human and we all love Italian food. We all have tourist in our country and we both kind of wear similar clothes. We both eat… Bread, Pasta, Cheese, Lasagne, Pizza and many more.



Probably leaving my family and friends behind. And probably I would miss vegemite and caramel koala. And my house because its home.

So there you go that was my post of Italy RVE. I hoped you enjoy reading it.





Hello, so far Claire and I have finished are scrips and filmed it. Now all we need to do it edit it which wont be that hard. The app we are using to edit is IMovie. We have started to put audio to the clips and now need to film one more thing. We where thinking of doing the start again because we think it could be better. So yeah everything is going good. One problem is the top I wore has faded in the washing machine so we need to find a way to fix it. we need the top because we need to film the start again. Also the ending needs to be more exiting so we mite rewrite the end scripted again. We are filming on my iPhone 8 to.

The Lost Princess ♡

The lost Princess is a video we watched today about what you should and shouldn’t do online. We saw what happens when your online.



Lucy didn’t was worrying about the bullies and forgot about her phone so the bullies took her phone from her and stole all her passwords and posted things online that were mean. In the end Lucy remembered her password in her head so no one can know.

The bullies said things that where mean and mad Lucy all up set. It mad her check her phone everyday to see what they said so it changed her life.

she told her dad and her dad told the police and the bullies stop and she felt happy again

she could of kept her private information to her self and not keep it in her phone because someone could take it

That to talk to people you know and to keep my personal information to myself. And to make sure you now who you are talking to because it could be anyone and they could be lying about there age. Just keep everything safe and don’t tell anyone.


For my Passion Project I will be making a film with Claire for ACMI. We will be using my phone to film and we will film at Claires house. We wont tell you much because we want it to be a BIGGGG! Surprise. Poppy claires dog will be in the film that’s all you can now. Sadly I was going to show a sneak peak but it wont let me so yeah ! cant wait for you all to see are film which we are filming right now !




Did you achieve what you originally set out to do?

Well everything went as planned. My original set out was colourful icing but well I couldn’t find a recipe. I feel they still are good and my dogs love them.

What successes or challenges did you experience toward the end of your project?

well I could find any recipes for icing. I tried every thing I made a peanut butter icing which the dog didn’t like. I tried to use real sugar but mum said sugars not good for dogs so I just skipped icing and they still are good.

How did you overcome the challenges?

I made some and the dogs didn’t like them so I am to keep on finding some more recipes and make sure the dogs are in love with them.

How can you extend your learning if you were to continue with this project?

I would probably sell the dog treats and put the money into STOP ANIMAL ABUSE because I want it to stop and yeah.

here a film of me making it !!!!!!

Win At The Fair

Win at the fair is were we need to make the game fair, you need to make sure you get profit and the game is enticing. You need to make people want to play you game. We need to make it so I earn money and you thinks its enticing.


LESSION 1: what we did was play the game. I noticed that it was unfair because I was losing lots of money and they were winning the money. We lost over $100 which is not good and there were no high jackpots which isn’t enticing. You need the game enticing so people want to play it and more people play the more money you get. its $1 per game and we are losing.


LESSION 2: You had to make a board. See if it was profitable you had to make around $300 dollars or more. And you need to play 1000 times and everyone would give you $1 dollar for 1 game and you would end up with $1000 dollars. We found out we were losing lots of money. So you should get around $300 dollar of profit. And then test the board to see if it works. Sadly I missed some of this lesion so I didn’t get to do it.


LESSION 3: The hard part is starting. We had to go on maths300 and create are own. we got to put the prices on and move the arrows around to find a fair game board. My think was to make the jackpot on the lease rolled numbers so I had 2x $100 as a jackpot. And the top numbers were good but not jackpots. And the hard thinking began. Now we had to make a game with the same rules as the first, except you can change the money amounts and which way the arrows go. Then, you tested it with 1000 games and saw the outcome of your game. It took me a couple of turns, but finally I got one so here it is (down the bottom)


LESSION 4: So we are done. I found one and I think I did really good. So I didn’t lose anything and I got around $300 dollars. The game was enticing and I got profit. Over all Win at the fair was a great game to explore, because we had to find the right way and to make it enticing and make us get profit. Although I didn’t get more right way I still feel I did a good job and tried. We now get to make a fair and enticing game. My goal was to make it fun, Enticing and get profit. So what I did was I make it the leased roll number the jackpot !!! so then they will think they will get when it is in likely. I earned around $300 which is pretty good, my highest jackpot was 2 $100 dollars. So on the top of my game board I had a ok amount not a jackpot just a little amount on the side it was the same then as you go down the jackpots were coming. I made it (12 and 2) the ones that go left and right the rest going up so not a big chance of getting jackpot. I felt like 12 and 2 didn’t get rolled that much so that’s why they are the side numbers.