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Passion Project #Update

I was thinking of doing my film/slideshow on movie maker but I couldn’t buy the app on my phone and I was not sure on how to find the photo’s on my laptop.

So I am sharing my passion project on my phone on I cloud images. I am doing this on my photos because when I was on the bus one morning I was playing around with what to do with my film. I clicked on slideshow and suddenly remembered. Slideshow on I phones is good and I could use it to share all of y photos from when I went camping.

So I am now sharing it in a slideshow on my phone.


During this project I feel like I was a bit layed back and doing my blogs at the last minute. Also I feel like I could of had more time to add more photos but I don’t go camping at school time so it was hard to take more photos. In my slideshow there are some blury photos as when I took most of the ones I was in the car. Next time I do something like this I am going to make more time to do it.

Project Maths Billiard Balls

In Project maths this term 6C Has been doing Billiard Balls,


This is where we get a pool table and you have to start the ball in the bottom left corner. The billiard ball has to only go on a 45 degree angle and we had to work out how many bounces or rebounds the ball did until going into a pocket. The pockets on the layout were different to a normal pool table, as there where no middle pockets, there were only ones in the corners. Also we changed the size of the grid to determent  a different answer, (see answer at the bottom and example.)

It was easy to measure the grid layout and play the billiard balls game, but there were some challenges that everyone had to complete it. The challenges were…


  1. How do you know what pocket the ball will land in
  2. What are some patterns with certain numbers you use
  3. What is a formula that would work for every size grid to find out the answer.


It was easy to find patterns on the Billiard Balls game on maths300, like if I did a “3 by 7 grid” then the answer would be one moore then 7. Besause if you make a grid with 3 by ? then the answer/amount of bounces until it goes into the pocket, is always one more than the ? number. Except that doesn’t work with 3 by 3 but it does work for 3 by ?.

After finding patterns for pretty much every thing weather it was which pocket the ball went in or how many bounces till the pocket. I knew that is was time to move on from patterns and to try and find the formula.

I found it hard to get away from patterns and sto start to find a formula. Unfortunatly I was away for a session so I did not get to work on my formula at all but, at 6C’s last session we all sat together and discussed an answer/formula. The real formula is…

Simplify the two numbers/ width and length until they can not be simplified any more. Then you add the width and length up together in addition. Then after adding the width and length together you minus two from your answer. Then  you can say how many bounces it will take to get into the pocket.


10 by 8 grid.

halved into a 5 by 4 grid

5+4= 9


It will take 7 bounces for the ball to get in to the pocket.



Passion Project #Update

After my first idea, I have decided that it would be easier to just put a slide show of all the photos from when I go camping.

I am not sure if I am allowed to change my mind. Except I think that this idea will turn out better. Also last Passion Project that I did I did an instructional film on how to make a rabbit hut, if I do the how to take care of your dog than it will be another instructional film. SO I am now doing photography.

I am choosing my photos from camping with the dogs because…

I really enjoy having the dogs there and I love to go camping. Normally I make a tee-pee and dig a hole I also climb some trees, go swimming in the lake and sit at the camp fire with my dogs sitting in my lap. Camping is good fun and I want to show others what you can do in the bush.

I am going to make the film on movie maker as all the photos are on my phone. Or I am going to download the pictures off my phone and onto my laptop. If I do the slideshow/film on my laptop then I will use Premiere Pro.

Conservation Film Blog Post

For the start of term 4,

All the year sixes are taking part in a filming excursion to the zoo to save all of the poor animals that are endangered. WE all had to choose out of the top SOS 10. I chose the orang-utan because I remember In grade 2 everyone was making fun of an Orang-utan but I wasn’t. The orang-utan looked at me and put his hand one the glass, from that very moment on I have always thought about making something to try save them. Now I get an oppertunaty to spread the word about the threats facing them, I am so excited to go to the zoo and take shots for an amazing film that will change others forever. (Big writing in script is what I will do a P.T.C for at the zoo.)

TO make this film I need a script so here it is…


It may seem that Orangutans live the life – swinging effortlessly among the top branches of trees, and eating sweet fruits. Unfortunately, this life is far from the truth and the threats facing orangutans could mean these animals will disappear from the wild sooner than we realize. The fruit doesn’t gather itself either, and orangutans spend more than 8 hours a day searching for food in the rainforests before building a nest high in the canopy to sleep.

These amazing Orangutans in the zoo are so friendly and safe they would never hurt us so why hurt ones in the wild? Sumatran Orangutans in the wild are under great threat.  They are classed as critically endangered, with numbers in the wild rapidly falling.


Their rainforest habitat is being destroyed to make products for us which is palm oil. They are also hunted for the pet trade or meat, this is not right and I need you to help me care for these animals.

Breeding programs in captivity, such as at Melbourne Zoo, are helping to ensure that the species won’t disappear. You can be a part of this growing international effort by supporting the ‘Don’t Palm Us Off’ campaign. Or even just try not to buy Palm Oil so we can save there habitat and stop there extintion.

Orang-utans are the largest tree-living mammals in the world and we need to fight their extinction.

This word Orangutang means… “People Of The Forest” and I believe that these animals are just like us except just not as selfish. Yes everyone here is selfish or has been selfish. I mean look what we are doing to these poor Orangutangs in the wild. They are just like us stop denying it and help me and the zoos save the Orangutangs.


Building Views

Sheet 1:

In this task we had to …

. look at the buildings say building 1 and the picture showed us how many cubes are in one square in a 4-4 square grid. After building the blocks up in the right places we needed to bend down and look at the front view and the right side view. Except Building 5 had an extra challenge, we all had to finish the fifth building with our using blocks to look. We had to do it with out blocks and I found out that if you look down the drawing by the view you want, you look for the largest number for any view because that is the highest one in that column. In my book I drew a 4-4 grid and wrote my answers building 1’s answer was…

Answer for building 1



Sheet 2:

.Sheet 2 was more of a challenge this time instead of finding the amount by looking at the views we had to look and the amount in the columns of the right view and the front view. As well as finding out the shape of the building we had to…

  1. Use only 15 Blocks
  2. Find the maximum amount of blocks to use
  3. Find the minimum amount of blocks to use

these are my answers for question 1…

Building 1 Answer
Question 1



Other page, building 4, Sheet 2


Passion Project- Term 4 #Description

This term is probably the hardest one to try come up with an idea.

I have been thinking of an idea for a long time, I even asked everyone I knew.

Now I am sure my two dogs have to be in it because I Love Dogs! So I am doing how to take care of your dog/dogs.

The points I will make are…

  1. Giving them somewhere to sleep!

This point will include where to get a kennel and bed, also tips on where to put a bed for the dog/dogs (preferably under a roof)

  1. Feeding them!

This will include when to feed them, what amount to feed them, also that my dogs are not a good example of a healthy and fit dog and and what I prefer to feed mine. Don’t forget the treats.

  1. Playing Time!

I will say why play with them, what games to play and what toys to buy them.

  1. Training!

Yes I know that my dogs are already 8 and 7 and they still don’t listen to me, but I do like the thought of them being more free and still being able to sit and crawl (as shown in video) Make sure to give them a reward if they do the right thing.

  1. Walking Them!

Of course everyone should walk there dog, I walk mine three times every weekend and they still enjoy every moment. Walk them to get out energy and make dogs have a good time.

I am doing this idea staring my dogs because I think I will be a good idea to put animals in a film. I am ready for the dogs to not listen on the day but this project will be so fun!!!!!!!!

RVE First Country


For my first country I have decided to do, Vietnam.

Sorry that it is upside down and Blurry here is a link to see it bigger but still upside down…


In Australia we are different to Vietnam. You might like it there but I don’t think I would want rice in every meal but don’t get me wrong rice is amazing, it’s just that, well I am so used to having lots and lots of different foods. Especially Pork or Beef on the barbeque. Also there table manners are really different to Australia’s and I would have to learn a different language, (not Aussie.) I don’t think I could cope in Vietnam or could I…

I mean Vietnam people do have a religion just like Australia. Sure different Religions but we are the same. Most people in Vietnam are Buddhist and others. Except most people don’t believe in religion in fact 80% of people from Vietnam don’t believe in any religion. Australia and Vietnam both have some believers in Catholic. Hey we eat rice, they eat rice, we eat seafood, they eat seafood and we are all human.

Living in Vietnam would be hard I would have to learn a new language and start having a good appetite for rice. Although this country would be fun to explore and it must have lots to learn about. It would be fun adventuring Vietnam. It would be interesting to try something new, go to a new country and see amazing things there.





Our Town Through Time

Surf History

How Torquay Surf Beach was connected to the Surf Carnival in 1956


Where you ever wondering how Torquay became known as a place to surf or how it became famous?

Do you think Torquay has a connection to the Surfing Carnaval.

I am going to talk about how it had a connection also…

Did it ever come to you that Torquay started having a special connection the Olympics, in early December 1956?

Well to say the truth in December 1956 the International Surf Carnival was staged at Torquay surf beach.

Torquay was famous and is still famous about the surfing. News spread around fast about this Carnaval and they had some trains coming from Flinders street to come to the carnaval.

Those events in 1956 were important and it is not like the next day they could whatch it on a device.

Once the carnaval was stage at the Surf Beach they took the real thing to Melbourne. The local lifesavers were joined by visitors from California, Hawaii, Ceylon South Africa and New Zealand for some demonstration events. The beach was so bussy. Even Duke Kahanamoku came to the Melbourne.

That is the facts I would like to talk about and ask my audience.

I wanted to do some history in Torquay because, I have some family in torquay and when I was younger I enjoyed going to the beaches. I felt I had a special connection to it and talking about the connection the surf beach and the surfing carnival was like retelling a story. I also want to know how this wonderful place(Torquay) came about, and of course why it is known for surfing.


I would like to use a fun and puzzle way to teel history for younger children.

Passion Project #Editing

In Here is some of the editing that I have done. When you watch it you will see that the video stops and all you can here is music that is because I haven’t dropped the footage into premier.

After doing all the steps of the production stage I had some spare time to start editing and that is what I have so far.

Once I had filmed and created this cage for the rabbit I put all the footage onto my laptop. Once dumping the footage I started to make my intro by, finding the pictures, adding the text, scrolling the text, adding the music into premier, finding the sparkles for the text on screen, put one video into premier and sped it up to 400% faster and I even sped the music up a little bit.

I then exported the video so I could watch it on a full screen. I also showed my parents what I had so far.

The video you just watched was the exported video here is a snip of some of my work in premier…

In this snip it shows I sniped some of me building and I added in another video. Then I used the TEXT setting to say how many centimetres I was measuring and how many of these pieces with the same width and length you needed to make.

This term I have enjoyed doing the Passion Projects but next time I think might film earlier and there for have more time to edit.


Passion Project #Production

This Saturday I went to the shed and my Dad and I started to build the cage while mum was filming. After six hours this was the finished product.

I found that it was hard to concentrate on holding the cage together, making sure the cameras shots where right and trying to nail, screw, cut and hammer in the right spot.

With the filming part I couldn’t really follow all the shots they are all mixed around but at least I finished the hut. The first muck up with following my shot list was that I filmed and created the cage in the shed and I said on the shotlist that I would film it on the front grass.

First I had to lay the wood out on the Saw Horses/Tressles and measure out the right lengths of wood to make the hut…I then had to cut the wood with a Drop Saw that he bought the other day.After cutting it it was time to start hammering.After hammering everything together.

We measured the wire and stapled it on.

Then I went and had some food and drink.


After my break I made the lid for the cage, to cut out the shape I used a Circular Saw. I then put sdome wire on the lid.

While making the cage we added a back and some of the sides cover into solid wood instead of wire. So when she is in the cage Ella can get away from the wind, be warm and cozzie.  In stead of making the little house at the back I decided to put a piece of wood blocking her a little so she can sit in there as well as making it easy to get Ella out of the hut.

Even though the cage could be better I am happy with it and the amount of time it took.





Green = Jigsaw

Raxor= Circular saw

Stand up= Tressles

big cutter zzzzzzzzzzzzz= Drop saw




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