Rusty Boat Poem

-Rusty Boat-

I just sit there

like a leaf in Autumn

the boredom gets to me

as the other boats sail past

I think of my good times in the past

crack my body brakes in two as I hit the moldy doc

the water consumes me and takes my youth

I sink to the bottom

as my life ends another, one begins

English essay


In term 2 we were asked to write an essay on a secretin topic which was should we allow refuges into Australia. I thought that we should not let them in. from there we worked on our 5 main paragraphs which were.

The introduction

Body paragraph 1

Body paragraph 2


Body paragraph 3



My introduction was me introducing my three paragraphs and me stating that we should not take body paragraph 1 was about how we didn’t start it it’s not our fault. Body paragraph 2 was about we already have job crisis with Australian citizens, so we could not possibly take more. My rebuttal was about that if we take more culture’s it could benefit but it could also create a war or argument about what there culture think is right or wrong. My 3rd body paragraph was about hospitals and roads are already struggling so we cant take more and my conclusion was just restating my arguments. I could of improved on my proof reading and using my time more wisely.