Week 2 Robotics

Taxonomy Reflection

Creating: What should I do next?

Next, I think we should try and get the robot to say a few sentences or just some words and combine programs with the sensors.

Evaluating: How well did I do?

I think I did well, and the group too. But I think we could’ve communicated a bit more and helped each other out with the blog and programming.

Analyzing: Do I see any patterns in what I did?

In all the programming we have done, it all involves rotating, moving forward & getting the robot to cross a finish line.

Applying: Where could I use this again?

If we ever do use the sensors we can use what we learned from this week to blend it with other codes and do races and get it to exactly stop with out it slowing to a stop.

Understanding: What was important about it?

The importance of this skill is that if we ever do use this coding again we have a better understanding of what do and how to do it.

Remembering: What did I do?

We learnt how to program our robot to move forward from start to finish, and spin.

This week was a success!

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