RVE Country Micronesian Investergation

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The differences comparing Australia to Micronesia in sport shows they have a wide range of international sports. Our main sports are Cricket, AFL and Rugby. AFL is not an international sport and you cannot compare the rules to any sport because it is mainly a mix of all sports. Rugby is an international sport but it is not one of the man ones in Micronesia. Cricket is when you think about it, another form of baseball. This is because you make runs in cricket as you do in baseball and the wicket keeper and the batter both wear a helmet. Then the differences are you do not have just straight up and down runs but you have diagonal runs and you can make a home run.

The differences in food are mainly manipulated by the western countries such as the large fast food chains. And the food we have here, people in the western civilization of the world, would have heard about. What I am saying is that we don’t have as much wacky food as dose Micronesia has.

Our religions are decisively different to Micronesia’s and they have a lot more traditional style dances and events.

The similarities are that we are both very independent countries and people are allowed to vote. They also have base foods, like foods they sell. One of them is Pepper. Another thing is they sell livestock and trade with the other nations.

If I lived in this country, I would be anxious to let the rest of the world know about my country and I would try to make this country shine with its talents.



Passion Project #reflect

I have loved the idea of a passion project and cherished the thought of a free-filming invention. As you would probably know, Flynn and I have been going on with our #amazeus idea. The green screen and the Vision Switcher can get very hard and confusing to use. Our film was all about clearing away the fog of confusion and trying to make everyone masters in the green screen studio, and with everyone masters, we can start to create bigger, better and more exiting films with more and more exotic things. In year 6, everyone is opening their minds to challenging ideas that would change the course of the future around the globe. Flynn and I have worked very hard on trying to get the idea across that you can be flying like superman, up high in the sky, zooming through the clouds to go and help someone in need. On the other hand, you can be down in the depths of the sea.

Passion Project Term 3 #update

Flynn and I today, we filmed three scenes in the green screen studio and yesterday we only filmed one. Yesterday’s scene was a panning wide shot of the green screen studio and that was pretty easy because we only had to pretend to be filmed on camera. Mrs Flakemore filmed it because we had Hugh on the vision switcher, Flynn in front of the green screen and I was on the view of the other camera pretending to cross over to Flynn. Today, the first scene we filmed was half of good green screen and bad green screen. In this, Flynn talked about how annoying it is when a filmed doesn’t quite make the green screen fit the lighting.


The second scene we filmed was the end scene. This was basically Flynn and I rapping up the film by saying “I hope you learnt some new things and use them in your production.




The third scene we filmed was when I was explaining how to use the vision switcher. The challenge we had with this was trying to decide what type of shot, because we had originally thought a mid- shot but figured that would be to awkward and decided to go with a low angle shot looking down on my hands and the vision switcher with my body not in the frame.

Passion project #description

Well it all started when Mr Henderson said something like “you can keep going with your #amazeus idea” and at that moment Flynn nudged me and immediately made me thought that he was thinking about my idea for the subject. My idea for it was to make short green screen videos and become a green screen master. Therefore, I thought I may as well expand my knowledge in the media department and try to challenge my skills. When we got the all clear for working together, I knew that this was my destiny. I cannot exactly remember the conversation that Flynn and I had with Mr Henderson but I knew that one of us made a mention about skydiving and if we could do it in the green screen studio. Therefore, that is our first challenge, to find some accurate green screen footage to make short clip to. I was thinking that we could add some big explosions to, to you know, ramp it up a little. And to even create a spy film maybe might just be our next idea. Another idea of our was to learn and become masters of the art of the vision switchboard, because then we can make the TV a monitor.


OTTT film pitch – Geelong Cats

Hello professional produces, I would like to pitch my idea on the Geelong cats. Well when I say the Geelong cats I’m talking about 158 years, so I would like to talk about the famous players, their generation and their time through recruiting because my mum was a . On the other hand, Tommy was talking about, as one of our topics, the history of the stadiums. Such as church hill, Augural oval, Corio oval and Kadina park. Did you know that Kadina park was once a zoo, yes a zoo, I know. However, from those early days when the Club was founded in 1859 various venues were used around the Geelong area for playing football. Games were played on “Church Hill” near Gheringhap, Moorabool, Ryrie and McKillop Streets. Because of another meeting during 1860, held at the British Hotel, Corio Street, a game was arranged against a Melbourne Districts team. I think that the story of the football club is important for the Bellarine and the surrounding districts to know what their clubs history is and what is its heritage is. Therefore, they have a reason to support their team and contribute to the club. Some filmmaking techn9iques I would like to use for my film is the green screen footage and maybe, just maybe we could use the new monitor. What I imagine in my head, is our interviewee is sitting in the stands with the focus of the camera on them, if you know what I mean.


What did I find challenging?

I found that the editing side of thing is very independent. I found this because when I had a problem I had tried to solve I was the only one who knew the program in my household and I had to solve the problem myself. Recently I went to a presentation by Holy Ransom. She was at the senior school talking about Leadership, Inventorying, putting ideas to action and getting out of our comfort zones. She was also very big on STEM, which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. She also completed and finished top ten recently in a triathlon. Why I’m mentioning her is because firstly, it was a very long talk so she hacked into my head, but secondly because she kept mentioning this comfort zone idea and I liked it. I thought that this idea related to our passion project a bit because some people might not be comfortable to asking people and prefer one of the best teachers in the world, YouTube. Then there is the other side of things, some people are more inclined to be more confident with the living and breathing human being rather than the computer.

What did I succeed in?

I succeeded in trying to upload my footage and only occurring three problems. One of my problems was I was wear a jumper that had line across it. You will be wondering why is that a problem well if you are wearing a torso covering with lines on it then the camera will miss interpret them and they will look all werid and strange. If you search up on the internet “T.V reporter shirt lines faluire you will know what I’m talking about.

My second problem was the size of the frame on the iphone. Everyone knows how an iphone is upright and a rectangle well the video footage was different sizes on the iphones than it is normally. Well this is on of my problems because the veideo will look like it is zooming in and out.

My third problem was  inporting the videos. Sometime technology was helpful but most of the time it was just plain annoying. The computer was not seeing the camera, so I used the charger cord and that fixed the problem.

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The Lost Princess


I think the problem that charlotte was not knowing how much risk about being trapped and not being to get out because it was accidental phone number and in the video, she said that she knew him but I am defeating the saying, do not judge a book by its cover. However, on online you need to judge the first look. Because he/she might be younger or older than you think.

It affected her mental and physical awareness of herself. Mentally she was being abused and subsidised to bullying and it made her think differently about herself. In addition, it affected her physically by her body language to others that would, in some cases, lose friends.

The issue got resolved by her parents finding out what she was thinking and saying to these people resolved the issue. I think that parents need more information and support on trying to help their kids to realise, tell them and be safe online

I think that she could have told her parents earlier so that she would not been so sad and would not have been so mean to her parents and their relationship would be better.

The message that i took away was do not talk and share details online and make sure you know what you are doing.


Win at the fair Testing

Win are the fair is a great game and love try to break the perfect code on maths 300. On my game, I had the player spend one dolour on play my game and I have a total prize of $6.00. I do not really have a secsessful game board because I could not figure out what the best changers were to add to my current game board. Too many photos and I think that I was successful in trying.

a short slideshow-2etvkx3


As you know my passion, project is called “Why I love golf” and I think this is the best topic that I would’ve chosen. I filmed last Sunday and I thought it went really well even though I didn’t finish the whole production side of things. Val is one of my best mates, and I decided to host my film with him. I filmed what I would think would be 30 scenes out of 51. Val and I most of the time had to do another take because of a technical incident but here is the funny thing. When we were doing the part when Val challengers me to the nearest to the green flag from the top of the chipping range (I think hats what you would call it). Therefore, what the funny thing was that my first and second shot went horribly wrong. You see that day I was due to be playing golf in a tournament, but my warm up and practising time had been taken up by the production of my film. Therefore, I was going in to hit that shot on camera, with no warm up. The first one (which was caught on camera) I did something called “chunked it”, which is where you hitting off a sandy or soft surface and the club doesn’t actually hit the ball, it goes under the turf. On the second shot, I topped badly that it went right. Wait, there is one more thing, if any of you have ever seen a golf shot played on the T.V. and remember that type of shot where the camera man is tracking the ball in the air well I tried that but with dad standing where I was going to hit it. However, on the test of that shot dad was filming and I hit the ball. After these videos, you will know what happened.





In the interview with Ian (the club pro), Marcus the other pro was serving someone and he was talking very close and loud. The sound in the background is not the biggest problem but it does effect the audio a little bit. I resolved this problem, if you can notice, I got Ian to talk louder during the interview.

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Myself as a reader

I like to sit down in a reasonably quite place and enjoy a good book. I read every night except when I have a late night and I do not have time to read, but other than that, I try to read often. I also read on the bus when I do not have any homework. I like reading. I can read with a bit of noise but not too much so, it is distracting. That is why I read in bed. I like talking about what I read and why. I do not like to explain it too much so the listener knows what is going to happen through the whole story.

I lose my self in a book quite often and can’t get out of it. When I finish a book, I do not find it as much as an achievement as some people. This is because I get through books quite quickly and I’m used to finishing books. Sometimes I lose my focus and think of other things because they might just be a little bit more important. I am never forced to read because I read so much.