Hello everyone


For our passion project this term in production stage we have had a bit of trouble because we film it once and we looked at the footage and you couldn’t see the bole so we had to re-film it and we had to go buy moulds and we had to bring more ingredients in so we could make 4 bath bombs not 2. But luckily we had some good moments like when we mixed the colours and it worked and didn’t get mixed up so it looked like it had 3 parts and didn’t look like it was one part. And we put 3 cameras up so there was all different types of shots but one camera didn’t work so we only had to use 2 cameras wreath of footage.




Hello Everyone


The successes that i had when i was producing my film was

  • when i was doing my voice overs and got them done .
  • when i was picking the photos

And we had the choice to do a shot list but i am not doing one

The challenges that i had to overcome during the process was

  • finding the time to do all of it and edit it

how i overcome the challenges was just d it on the bus before i get off or do it a late  at night