we have needed to do a lot to prepare for this project and we have needed plan what we were going to film and when we were going to film it and how we wan the film to go .we have in included  photos and lots more types of shots just so people learn how to make bath bombs . the next step for us is to start filming.




planning stage

planningYes we are finely at the planning stage

I have had to do a lot of preparing to do for my project and what I had to do is firstly I had to get a camera

for me to take the photos and then once I did that I set up a date to take a lot of photos and then I just took

photo page 1 photo page 2 photo page 3 photos when I like something and wanted to take  a photo  of that .

I don’t have any shots in my film because it is just a film with photos and music about my love of taking photos .

the next stages for me and my project it start putting the photos into  Corel  and start editing it .

passion projects planning

In passion projects this team we are up to planning and I am up to planning and when you are planning it is better  to use the shortlist.

And I am up to writing my scripted for the film that I am doing about Laura glitz.

We have had to do a lot to prepare for planning. we have had to think of what we were going to do , I have had to wright my scripted and I had to find facts and thing about her and find photos of her playing netball.

my audience is the whole year 6 and family’s and teachers and more

the next step for me in passion projects is production.