passion projects term 4

check-listhi everyone

this term for  passion projects Elise and I are making bath bombs because we  think it will be fun and so people can learn how to make nice smelling bath bombs. I am not sure about the message for our passion project but I think my message is that we want people to learn how to make them and to have project is for people that are bored and want something to do  and age I think we were going for 10 /11/12 year olds. in this project this term is making them and having fun with it and I hope  that we  will use new editing app this term .



passion projects

Passion Project Schedulecheck-listhello everyone and welcome back to passion projects

for my passion project this team I am doing a film on photos that I have taken and with music.

I chose this one because I love taking photos and I thought I would share it.

the purpose of my passion project is that I want people to love photography the way I love it .

I am looking forward to making the film and sharing my film at week 9.