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The shallows

Author : Jaume  collet-serra

The book is all about someone gets stuck on a rock in the ocean and then a shark try to hart her but she ends up killing it

the book it is an action book and I love it.

I loved the book so much that I didn’t really hate anything in the book.

I would think this book would be good foe year 6s because It is a little bit violent.  i rate this  book a 7 because I really love it .








the 5 wave

the 5 wave is about 5 waves of  thing and she has a bother and her mum and dad died so she was left and had to live and she was the only one alive.

and I think this book is good for 12 year olds and it is a very good book and I love it lots because it is an action book and I love the movie so much to.




slave is a book that is about in the older days and when people were heart and wiped and heart badly. and there were not that many people in the little town and they all got pushed around and the women got made in to being a maid  and the men got made in to being a helping hand in the paddocks. and it is a very good book and I think that all year 6s should read it and no lower beacuese it very dramatic





Author : Tyler Oakley

26/ 04 / 2016

Binge is a book about a boy who’s name is Tyler and the book is all about him as a kid and what he went though a kid.

This book was published in 2015 and it is a biography

What I liked about this book was that he is so funny and I watched him on YouTube and he was very funny.

I would recommend this book to year5/6s

I rate this book 7/10.






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  1. Hi Milly,

    I would really like for you to put extra effort into your Reading Rants in future – remember that you are writing for an audience.

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