China culture

There are not many things similar  in Australia and china , but there are lots of differences,

there food is they different they eat egg , rice and dumplings , and in Australia we eat lots

junk food. they have a dragon parade were we don’t have that  and the clothes

are so different to us too. As you see most things are different to us in china

and I don’t think I would get challenged with much in china.

editing stage

hi welcome back to editing editing

the editing techniques that I used were

  • overlapping photos
  • cutting photos
  • coloring photos

the editing app that I used was Corel

I didn’t really try something new in this film but I did want to.



production stage production

the successes that I had were

  • getting very beautiful photos
  • the  camera worked very well

the challenges that I have had while making the film are

  • some of the photos that I toke were fuzzy

how I over come that is I just took another photo of it and tried to make it no fuzzy.


planning stage

planningYes we are finely at the planning stage

I have had to do a lot of preparing to do for my project and what I had to do is firstly I had to get a camera

for me to take the photos and then once I did that I set up a date to take a lot of photos and then I just took

photo page 1 photo page 2 photo page 3 photos when I like something and wanted to take  a photo  of that .

I don’t have any shots in my film because it is just a film with photos and music about my love of taking photos .

the next stages for me and my project it start putting the photos into  Corel  and start editing it .

watching words

Criminal minds




  • AJ is a police officer and a FBI agent and she has  blonde hair and  she acts very clam and stressed out a lot .
  • When the characters do something they do it very fast and they have a crew with them at all times.
  • The place where they work has a lot of crew members and computers and  technology around them.
  • The characters always feel  stressed out and are always on the move and never get to stop moving.

3 words I think were hard in this book

  • detective
  • criminology
  • investigation


Developing a Narrative

hi everyone

on tour

Zoe sugg


the beginning on the book was when penny went for her first day of school and then she falls in love.



in the orientation penny falls in love but she is not allowed to love the person the she loves her parents wont let her.


how they solved the problem was penny and noah fall in love and then the parents move because the dad got job somewhere else and they never saw each other again.

the stages in the book

stage 1

was when they first meet and then they hate each other first but then they fall in love but there was one thing standing there way penny’s parents they did not want penny to love noah.

stage 2

penny falls in love but her perentes do not like noah and do not want her to fall in love but they are a little late for that because she is in love with him already.

stage 3

then something really bad happened penny’s dad got a job  somewhere else and she had to move away and penny and nah never saw each other again .



Math’s 300 Building Views

WIN_20160729_144944this term we have been doing building views and it was pretty hard but not that hard.


1: for lesson 1 we got a sheet and then we had to copy it down and draw it.

2: we did the building views : investigation sheet 2  and it was pretty hard but some of it was easy

3: for lesson 3 we did variations and that was very hard for me.

4: we   explored math’s 300  on building views

the challenges that I had when I was doing this was just I didn’t get it on the variations and stuff



passion projects

Passion Project Schedulecheck-listhello everyone and welcome back to passion projects

for my passion project this team I am doing a film on photos that I have taken and with music.

I chose this one because I love taking photos and I thought I would share it.

the purpose of my passion project is that I want people to love photography the way I love it .

I am looking forward to making the film and sharing my film at week 9.

Author Internet

The Shallows


I think the message to the reader in this book is when you are surfing be careful and

always look around you.

the reason I think the message of the book is that because in the book the notes in the front of the book  say all way look at where you are and be careful.

Current : the current I very strong

Abstract  : the island is very abstract

wax : I and waxing my board




Digital Citizenship

This week we have been doing a project about cyber bulling. (For the people who are not sharing their TED style talks), Its called digital citizenship. The task was to create a Native/ information writing piece about something that has happened on the internet. Like bullying, say I was scrolling through my Instergram and someone posted a photo of me, photo shopped it and made me look bad. and then once we have came up with a idea we turn it in to a story clip and then do voiceovers.