The journey of the making the  zoo film


in the planning we had to had pick what animal we wanted to do and then do research about it. and then wright a scrip about it for the filming day.

zoo filming day

when we were filming at the zoo on the day we had to share cameras and video cameras and people didn’t get to film because we didn’t have time . and then once we got back we had to get the footage off the cameras and then wipe them and I was not here for that and I got my camera wiped and I had no footage and I had to use someone else’s.



in the editing lots of thing can wrong and will go wrong and it get very hard when you are trying to add new things in it. and change up what you normally do. and once you have do all the editing we share it with the class and then re-render  it and the show  the finely copy.

and we have to give feedback to each other and here is some feed back that I got from the class.

  • It was really good videos and music-ellie
  • You had really good facts-Harry H
  • You had really good footage and music. I like the facts-Emmy
  • Your music really suited the film and your facts are really cool. – Bridie
  • The music really suits the mood. Your voice overs are clear and loud. -Evie
  • i loved the music and the footage really suited your worlds-RUBY
  • You have really good footage and you message is really clear. here is my final  copy of the zoo film.










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