complete passion project

Hello everyone finally the time has come and our passion projects are dew

I had a lot of trouble in making my passion project and it did not turn out the way I intended but that is ok because I like the way it has turned out because I wanted to put voice overs but my file deleted and I didn’t save them so I had to put music.

What I feel like I have done well is the photos I think and the voice overs I did pretty well in but then they deleted. I think I could of improved in is the info I could of put more in.

what I leant through this process is that it is not that essay to make a film and the editing was pretty hared.

Next time I think I need to get better at is my editing getting the info and photos.

And here Is my finished film.

14 thoughts on “complete passion project

  1. Hi Milly,

    I really like the idea of your passion project but maybe a few more facts would make it even better.

  2. Hi Milly,

    I like your video because of the great info you put in it and how you linked the photos in the background with the text on the screen.

    It is a shame about your old video deleting!

    Good job!

  3. Hi Milly, I really enjoyed how you managed to put all your information in your film after loosing your voiceovers! It was really well done. But a bit of constructive would be, maybe find music to do with the topic of your film as it may distract the audience from what it’s really about.

  4. Hi Milly,
    I really like the amount of detail you have put into your blog. I also like the way you have said what you learnt during the process. 🙂

  5. I like the fact that you included and I like the images you had in the background. It was a bit short though…

  6. I really like how you have given a lot of information about the netball player. I also like how you have said she is Australian

  7. Good job Milly
    I Like the idea of a film biography about your favorite netballer but please slow the text down because im not Michael Jordan

  8. Good job Milly!
    In this post, you say that you like the way it turned out – But when you were talking about it, you sounded like you weren’t very impressed with it. Why is this? Also, your text appears really quickly, so could you please slow it down?
    It’s great how even though your voiceovers deleted, you still had the initiative to restart your project.
    Great work!

  9. Hi Milly,
    I really like the way you have done it about your favorite netballer and you have described it well but maybe slow your text down.

  10. This has a lot of detail about you favorite netball player. But it is a bit short… It really shows how passionate about netball you are.

  11. Hi Milly,
    I really liked your Passion Project. Perhaps adding a few more facts would have been good.
    Thanks Jasi.

  12. Hi Milly,

    I like your film because of the great info and the way you took your passion and did the film about something to do with that, not just netball in general.

    Good Job! 🙂

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