complete passion project

Hello everyone finally the time has come and our passion projects are dew

I had a lot of trouble in making my passion project and it did not turn out the way I intended but that is ok because I like the way it has turned out because I wanted to put voice overs but my file deleted and I didn’t save them so I had to put music.

What I feel like I have done well is the photos I think and the voice overs I did pretty well in but then they deleted. I think I could of improved in is the info I could of put more in.

what I leant through this process is that it is not that essay to make a film and the editing was pretty hared.

Next time I think I need to get better at is my editing getting the info and photos.

And here Is my finished film.

feedback passion project

The person that gave me feedback was Harry

And i liked that we had to give feedback to people because i needed it so they could look at my passion project and give me feedback on it.

And Harry said that he liked my passion project

And i liked his to and i said to him he mite need to put some voice overs on but he didn’t want to but that was fine.

Editing passion project

hello everyone


In editing i didn’t try anything new but i should of but i was just learning.

and i figured out that it is really hard to edited

video-editingand that you need to save a lot and.



Hello Everyone


The successes that i had when i was producing my film was

  • when i was doing my voice overs and got them done .
  • when i was picking the photos

And we had the choice to do a shot list but i am not doing one

The challenges that i had to overcome during the process was

  • finding the time to do all of it and edit it

how i overcome the challenges was just d it on the bus before i get off or do it a late  at night



The Walking Dead book 1 called  Invasion








Near death