passion projects planning

In passion projects this team we are up to planning and I am up to planning and when you are planning it is better  to use the shortlist.

And I am up to writing my scripted for the film that I am doing about Laura glitz.

We have had to do a lot to prepare for planning. we have had to think of what we were going to do , I have had to wright my scripted and I had to find facts and thing about her and find photos of her playing netball.

my audience is the whole year 6 and family’s and teachers and more

the next step for me in passion projects is production.


Author Inquiry

hello every one lately I have been reading girl online girl on tourgirl online

by Zoe sugg


  1. Zoe is a You Tuber  and she written 2 book so far
  2. she published this book in 2014
  3. she is the most famous you tuber on YouTube
  4. she has dyslexia
  5. this book was number 1 for 1 year
  6. she is the world famous Brighton vlogger.
  7. her real name is Zoe Elizabeth sugg.
  8. her debut novel girl online was released in November 2014 and broke the record for highest first week sales of a first time novelist

Zoe’s  newest book is girl on tour.

And  she has only written 2 books.


passion project

hello  everyone

In year 6 we do passion projects and we have do to one of our passions but we cant do all of them so we have to pick one of them I picked netball as my passion.

  1. My first idea was to make a film how to defend
  2. My 2 idea was to do a blog post 1 a week
  3. And my final idea was to make a story clip on my favorite netball player

I picked the 3 one  because it was essay and I love this netball player so much and I love this idea so much.

watching words


the 5 wave

  • rustic        :  rustic is something old and rusty
  • mysterious : mysterious is when something or  someone Is being secretive and more
  • defiance : defiance is when someone is defending them self
  • invasion : invasion is when things invade some place or somewhere

I did not find any more world interesting in the book these 4 words are the most interesting.




The 5 Wave

  1. Tthe 5 wavehe town she lived in something happened and took out half a million people
  2. Four billion people dead
  3. A infection  went around and killed 400 hundredths people
  4.  All of the power went out and nothing worked
  5. There was invasion happened and lots of people died
  6. Cassie lost her brother
  7. People killed her family and friends
  8. A big wave came and pulled out half of the city
  9. A tornado happened and killed lots of people
  10.  By the end of everything happened everyone was dead but Cassie lived




Shape Animations

what we learnt

I learnt this team in the making of shape animations

  1. first how to make shape animations and how we edit I.t
  2. how hard it is to film it and how you really have to talk to your team mates and tell them when you are putting your hand in front of the camera and when you are not.

what would you do if you could do it over again

  1. I would like to  be more ready for when we take the photos

Catching the Reader


Binge by Tyler Oakley

Lately ever one has been saying don’t judge the book by it cover but today I am jugging the book by its cover, blurb and title I am currently reading binge by Tyler Oakley. I have read this book before and I am reading this book for the 2 time and Tyler is a you tuber and I have learnt that he had a book I thought that I would buy it. when I first read looked at this book I loved it because him with the sweats in his mouth and all around him. in the front page. I really like the title because of his YouTube channel and I love it. I love the blurb because it is so interesting and it dose not give the whole  book away it just said something about the book.