Powerful Sentences


My book is travel to the outback

A powerful sentence in my book is where she said ” all ways follow your dreams and don’t let people tell you what to do  ”

and I like that sentence because my family always say that to me and I think it is right.

term 2 reading goals

I love reading murder book

I think that I have to try and do 4 reading rants this year because I did not do that Many  last term.

the genres I would like read this term are autobiography because I don’t read them much and I would like to read some books like that.

this team I would like to read every night and I will try my hardest to read every night.

I find out about new books on the internet or friends.

I think I can improve my reading by blogging because I can see what another people are reading I might like that book and I will want to read it.


unsolved mysteries

There is many mysteries in the world. the loch ness monster , big foot and lots more . mysteries are unsolved problems or just thing that people are curious about because they’re unusual. things that cant be explained. we’ve found some here at our door in the Geelong college.

first up we were introduced to many mysteries in the world ( some examples in paragraph 1) we decided it would be cool to see if we could make some reasonable mysteries here at school that may be a problem, things we can see if other people believe.

step number 1

we had to mix in to groups with girls and boys my group was Ruby (6C) Jackson (6B)  once we had sorted out our groups , it was our challenge to think of the reasonable , violence free , hooking , 20-30st  l there was quite a lot to remember  and we had to edit it

step 2

once everyone hat cut there film up to 20-30st it was up to us to make a tester  trailer  and we could make the film with 4 photos or 1 photo and 1 film and you could do it with 1 film and my group filmed down in the envoi and it was a slow panning of the trees.

step 3


the editing was a pain. we had done 1 film and voiceover on top of it and then we had to put music on top of the voiceover but the music was soft . and our film was only 20st so it was not that long.