Helpful Hints For Inquiry

IMG_0948In Inquiry this team we have done Photography , Film and Audio and they have been so much fun.


In photography we leant about the rule of thirds and  positive and negative space and lots more and I have learn a lot about photography this  team and we got to take a lot of photos and it has been so much fun.



In film we leant how to make a shot good film and it was so much fun to film it and they were called how to do something film and I leant that framing the Cramer to were you want is very hared.


In Audio we learnt how to use corel  and we learnt how to use the green screen room and out the background on it and we leant how to do some tongue twisters and it was so much fun.

5 thoughts on “Helpful Hints For Inquiry

  1. Also you didn’t really put any hints in you just put in about that activity. 😉

  2. Well done Milly. I like that you have learnt the fundamentals of film making, audio equipment and photography.
    I would some more detail about what you have learnt in each of the units this term – I feel that you have discovered more than what you have listed in this post.

  3. Good job Milly!
    I would love to know more about what you learnt in the Inquiry units, though!

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