watching words

diary of a wimpy kid  is about him at school Diary_of_a_wimpy_kid


smelly: it is smelly and has rotten food everywhere and mess

cold: cold, ice flaks in the grass ,

messy: things everywhere, can walk anywhere with out stepping on something

heart:  blood , heart

wimpy : it is the opposite to brave

I don’t know where I would use these words

3 thoughts on “watching words

  1. nice work! next time would you explain these words a bit more? And not picking, but that’s only 5 words. Personally, i think you should think a bit more, cold – I am cold today, simple!

  2. Good work Milly. As Steven said, you have only done 5 of the words. I feel that you have rushed the work this week and included very little detail.

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