Plot analysis


Slave is a book about when people get pushed around and when they get whipped.  I like this book because it good and it has a lot of information and stuff about the  old days. I dislike the book because  it  is cruel! I  recommend this book to all Year 6’s and I rate this  book 8/10.

Thank you for reading!


character Analysis

Tyler Oakley

I like Tyler because he is funny and i love love his youtube  channel.P34W2kaL

and he always makes me luagh and i just finished reading his book

binge and it is so funny. what i most like about tyler is that he always

silly and funny and he is always  takeing that is why i like him so much.

winter sport

Today we went to Kardinia  park   and we versed a lot of schools   some  of them were  kardinia college, Christian college  and all of those  and we won 1 and lost 3 and had 1 draw.

Anzac Day Service

Today the hole school went to Morrison hall at  senior school and had the Anzac day service and we talked about  what happened in the first world war one. Then prep school came and then sam Goodear and Tansy Pereira came and read out all the people that went to war at Geelong college. Then Mr. Panckridge  showed us a films about the war. Then we all got out and went back to school and  on a bus. 


Today in Robotics  we made  a robot  and we had to get in to partners. and I went in to a pears with Alice.

and we made a robot and then when we were putting it together we saw that we had put it together not the right way so  we had to take it uprates and then make it again then put it together the right way. then Jesse showed us how to program the robots and it is so much fun do robotics


Reading Bolg


Timmy Failure

I love reading on the bus and at home   Timmy Failure it is all about when he messed up his whole  summer holidays by moving house for some one .

what I like about the book is that it is good to read and it is funny and Evie and I are reading it

and another book that I like reading is the heartland books and they are all about horses and I love horses

and both of the books are good to read and I love them.


Project Rockit ‘Hot Tips’

We had a visit from Project Rockit and they told us about there hot tips and  I learnt a lot about how to be safe on social media  and to think about what you post and if you aren’t sure sleep on it.    Then  they were talking to us about be careful about who you follow.

Here are some of the ‘hot tips’ that they gave us.

. Think before sending / posting untitled

.  Use Emoji’s to communicate emotion

.  Account setting to private

. ‘sleep on it’ if unsure

. Report when you see something you don’t like  [  abuse ]

. Keep password private

and more.