the big thing 27/11/15

WIN_20151105_124123Today in the big thing  we had to remake our thing because it was broken and it was not working  and then we had to take apart  Jacobs thing and turn it around then we had to glue some thing   then we had to tape some things and then it was starting to work but then it broke aging and then  Lilly’s thing was broken to so we could not work. Then we found a way to make it work and then some one broke it so then I stated in at lunch and then I finished it but we had to put a few things on it and then we would be down.

the big thing 20/11/15

WIN_20151105_124123A few lessons ago we had to pull out our whole machine and just put a piece  of  cardboard in because lily’s group  had to re make there marble roller and then they did some things that made our thing be pulled out and then all we could do was to put a bit of cardboard in and then we were done but then today there was nothing for us to do and we had to help the other group but then they said the just wait and then they would not let us help so there was nothing to do but blog and the teachers said that we were going to test  on the big thing. and they just  looked if they would work and I think our thing work but I don’t know. then we did programming in 5A and 5B or you could do blogging and I did blogging.

programming 16/ 11 / 15

googletoday in programming I made a new replay thing and  Abbi made to but they were not the same they were different and they are very cool and then I put some scripts  and I made it so when I hit the spaces bar it goes to the next slide. then we went down to the ground and Abbi shared her thing and we talked for a bit and then we went back to class and it was end. hol

the big thing 13/11/15

Abbi9AbbiOn Friday we did the big thing and got straight  to it and first we had to put the funnel back on it because it fell off. then it would not go back on because there was to much glue on it so we took the glue off and just put a little bit on and then it worked and then we had to cut the funnel a little bit so the marble would fit though the funnel and then my mum came to pick me up and the I left and Abbi told me that our thing ended not being in the big thing because it got taken out so it was not in the video.



3today I did programming not the big thin jsisdcbgdchGAVCYUADVGng because we had finished everything  so we had to do programming and I did scratch and I stated my choose your own adventure book and it is very hared to make and then we all went in   a group and shared our games and  Emily went first and showed  her game. and I didn’t get up to sharing today because I could not get on to scratch.

and I found how to do lots of thing on scratch today and it is essay to do.

the big thing 11/11/15

WIN_20151111_124435Today we had to be close to finishing and we got close but we could not Finnish because Lilly  had to do some stuff and then we would be finished and then we had to stay inside and finish it and we did Finnish it so now we are done and I think it works with Lilly’s and Jacob s  and on Friday we have to show our marble rollers and then we are done.

programming and The Big Thing


In programming today in did scratch and I finished my Animation on scratch and it is very cool and Alice helped me make it. then I played my game that toke me so long to make and  then  I found  out that I had to make an Animation and the I made one about soccer and it is very cool.

The Big Thing

In the big thing today I was helping for a while and then I went and did blogging and when I was  helping I started by getting everything ready and now I have to stay in at lunch and finished it but we did not Finnish it so we have to do it latter in the week .

The Cay

The Cay

In the class we have been reading a book called the cay and it is about and they get stuck on an Island call the Devil mouth and not much longer the Phillip went blind and then not much longer the old Aboriginal man past away.


Phillip is a kid that was grown up to be racist and he is very spoiled and he is very rude and does not care about other people.


The old Aboriginal man is a caring man and loves helping people and he is very nice and loves kids and knows lots about the world


I liked this book because it has lots of things that I like about a book and I like the drama in the book and I like the old Aboriginal man and I like the starting of the book and I don’t believe in being racist is ok and you should treat black people the same as white people because they are the sam as you    

the big thing 5/11/15



WIN_20151105_124123Today in the big thing we  did some hot gluing  and we found out how high we need to put our marble roller and  we pulled  apart the wood plank and we glued more and put more things together and  measured things and then we did blogs and packed up and when we were pulling apart the wooden plank we had to do lots of pulling and it heart  our fingers and Abbi and I had to use our Muscles  and we had to use the hot glue a lot today coz  you are not allowed to use tape so you have to us hot glue or Lego or glue tack.

Scratch 5/11/15

n jsisdcbgdchGAVCYUADVGToday in Scratch I finished a game and I stated a Animation about dogs and cats and I found out that Animations are really hard to make  and I want to make a book on Scratch and today I leant to make a book and I really want to make a really hared game that no one can play.