miloIn scratch this term we have been making games and we shared our games sometimes to the other classes. We had to fill out this sheet that you did for other people and they had to do it for you. Then we had to give it back to them and then they have to make a blog post about the whole team of scratch.

And here are some of the questions that are on the sheet.

And I got Emma to fill out the sheet and some of the sheet questions on the sheet.

: How hard   is the game?

: What age do you think it be good for

: And lots more

Here are some of the sheets that I got back.

First this is some of the things that Emma put down on my sheet but it is not all of the things that she put down. And Emma put down that she thinks it should be for all ages and that it is not very complex and Emma said that I should take some pieces out of the game.

And this is what Alice said about my game and they are the same question as Emma had.

Alice said that my game should be for 9-12 years and she said it is very complexity and make more pieces.

Rory said that it is for 12 year olds and that it is very complex and that I should make the levels easier and make more levels.

So as you can see that Emma, Alice and Rory they all have different answers. and I don’t think I would change my  game.

And I learnt at lot from doing scratch this year and I learnt to make games.

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