The Big Thing 30/10/15

WIN_20151027_124005Today we did the big thingWIN_20151027_123838 an I was not here for the first part of it but I did the 2 part and Abbi was not here for the  Sesecond  part so Mikayla and i did the rest and we didn’t finish but we are close to finishing and we started to put it together and we got very far in to making it and then we had to blog and today the best thing about making it I got to use a hot glue gun.  We are close to finishing.

Year 11,12 Expo

IMG_2505Yesterday we went to the art Expo and there was some very cool stuff and the thing that I loved most was the dresses and the bed it was so cool.

And I loved the war thing that a year 12 did and it took very long.

And there was a little movie thing that you could watch and there was this one thing that a girl did and she is in year 11 and she did a thing where she put lots of things form her farm and put lots of pictures of her grandfather because the one thing that she loved most when she was little was her grandma and her grandpa.


Programming challenge

Capture3 Today in the programming challenge I did scratch and I stared to make animation and a game. I made a puzzle game and an animation that is not finished just yet and I need to add lots more to it.

I think it going to be good and I finished my game and it is about puzzles and it is very easy it is

for year 2s I think.

The Big Thing

WIN_20151027_124005Today in the big thing. I Drew  the plan that my group  drew when I was not here and we wrote all the Materials down and the length. and we got all the materials together and made some changes in the marble roller.  then we all had to go down to the floor and shared our plans and found out where you are going in the big marble roller. WIN_20151027_123838


miloIn scratch this term we have been making games and we shared our games sometimes to the other classes. We had to fill out this sheet that you did for other people and they had to do it for you. Then we had to give it back to them and then they have to make a blog post about the whole team of scratch.

And here are some of the questions that are on the sheet.

And I got Emma to fill out the sheet and some of the sheet questions on the sheet.

: How hard   is the game?

: What age do you think it be good for

: And lots more

Here are some of the sheets that I got back.

First this is some of the things that Emma put down on my sheet but it is not all of the things that she put down. And Emma put down that she thinks it should be for all ages and that it is not very complex and Emma said that I should take some pieces out of the game.

And this is what Alice said about my game and they are the same question as Emma had.

Alice said that my game should be for 9-12 years and she said it is very complexity and make more pieces.

Rory said that it is for 12 year olds and that it is very complex and that I should make the levels easier and make more levels.

So as you can see that Emma, Alice and Rory they all have different answers. and I don’t think I would change my  game.

And I learnt at lot from doing scratch this year and I learnt to make games.


milo78325271We did robotics for the term and we started with finding our groups. I went with Phoebe and Gus and Jackson and then we thought we would make a tank bot. Then we had to make start making the tank bot. The next session Phoebe was not here and Gus wasn’t here so I was the only one here and I had to finish on my own.

Then we had to make a p and program each so I had to make one and Phoebe and Jackson and the whole class had to. Then we had to share the robot with the teachers and then they looked at the robot and they looked at the program and then they rate us on the robot and the program.

And it took us very long time to make it because we kept mucking up and making not right and we had to make it right by putting it together and making a program better. Next time I will make it better by working on it a little bit more and now I will make it better because I know how to make it now.





All year 5 had to make a MicroWorlds quizzes and I made one about the Geelong college sport and I did it all about the sport and it is Capture called all about the Geelong college.


This is the cover of it.


And each week we did different stuff each week and I learnt so much about making a quiz. And we had to make quizzes about anything and I made one about the Geelong college sport and Mr McKie teaches us everything about the quizzes and we had half a term to finish the quizzes   and everyone’s quizzes should be good by now


Make A Whole


Today in math’s we played a game called make a whole and it was very fun and it was a little bit hared  and we had to get in to pairs and I went with Alice and Ruby and the we stared playing the game it got a little hared but then we got the hang it and when we finished I whole block we had to drew it in our books and then I drew it in my book and the I colored it in and labeled it and then we shared it to the class.

Melbourne show

when I went to the Melbourne show and stayed there for two nights with my  cousin Lilli and my cousin Skye we stayed in a little locker room and we had to get up at 4.30 in the morning and we had to shovel poo and all I could hear was cow mooing and people talking and it smelt  very bad. Then we watched the motorbikes and they were so cool and I have never seen something so cool. Then we watch the fireworks and they were so cool I the fireworks were coming of the back of the motorbikes  and they were very cool and then we went home and I finely  got some sleep.