scratch year 2 visit

today year 5 went and visited the year 2 and we had to show them our games that we made on scratch then I forget  my password for scratch  and then the rest of the time I had to make a new account then I made a new game for my buddy I made a puzzle game where you put together a puzzle basically I spent a long time making it and explaining it to my buddy so much that I forgot to save it!!!



for the last week in Writing I have been doing a Writing peace  and it is about the moon and I am close to finishing and I am needing to share with a group and I really like it. it needs some help because it is not that good but I like it.



for the last week just  in Robotics we have been making a tank bot and  we are so close to finishing I am with phoebe, Gus and Jackson and  so far Gus has been making some programing and Phoebe and I are making the tank bot and Jackson has no really been in our group he just been watching YouTube and we are very close to finishing

Student led conference

shapes1last night I had a Student led conference and my Mum and Dad and my Bother and Sister came and I showed them all my work from last term and this term and they really liked the work that I had been doing.  I showed them my  art and some of my math’s and some  scratch and they had no idea what scratch was   now they know lots about it.  I sowed them I book the I did in library  and they really like it and then we went home and here is the book that I made


in scratch, I made diffident shapes for my game  and the backgrounds.

I got help from YouTube. I had to make all the program

this is the instronions for the game.